National Volunteer Month: Technological Innovation Through Collaboration


Behind nearly 1,300 standards and projects under development at IEEE SA, are the volunteers who share a mutual commitment to fostering technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

Coming from different backgrounds, motivations, and technology areas and playing various roles in their work, these volunteers form working groups to create standards and explore emerging technologies that transform the way we live, work, and communicate.

Throughout National Volunteer Month, we feature stories from volunteers who come from the sustainability sector about their motivation, their experiences, and their outlook as IEEE SA volunteers who initiate, influence, and accelerate the creation and adoption of global technology standards.

Mark Siira

Chair of Standards Coordinating Committee 21, Smart Grid Interoperability and Interconnection

Being an IEEE SA volunteer offers an opportunity to develop a network of peers, friends, and associates that will be available to you for a long time, even after you retire.

Sara Biyabani

Co-Chair of IEEE P1923.1™ Draft Standard for Computation of Energy Efficiency Upper Bound for Apparatus Processing Communication Signal Waveforms, and P1924.1™ Draft Recommended Practice for Developing Energy-Efficient Power-Proportional Digital Architectures

We have people with different backgrounds coming in from academia and from industry, and IEEE SA has enabled us to create a space where people with different expertise can come together and work toward one purpose.

Deborah Hagar

Chair of IEEE P7010.1™ Advancing Corporate ESG and Social Responsibility; Co-Chair IEEE’s Metrics/Indicators Committee on IEEE’s Planet Positive 2030 Initiative

It’s a synergy that makes you feel like your time is well spent and that you’re contributing to humanity–and that’s golden to each of us as individuals who care about the future and care about ourselves and the world we’re living in and leaving.

Robby Simpson

Chair of IEEE P2030.5™ Standard for Smart Energy Profile Protocol

Many engineers and governments are not only familiar with IEEE SA, but hold it in high regard – it makes it much more fulfilling to work on a standard when you know that the output of that work is actually going to be considered and has the good reputation of IEEE behind it.

Make Your Mark at IEEE SA

Over the years, IEEE SA has grown beyond standards development to encompass a full technology development lifecycle, from pre-standardization to market adoption and use. We drive a wide range of activities empowering the world’s innovators to shape and improve technology. Individuals and organizations are invited to join us to raise the world’s technology standards for the benefit of humanity.

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