IEEE 896.2a-1994 - IEEE Standard for Futurebus+(R) -- Physical Layer and Profile Specification: Errata, Corrections, and Clarifications
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This supplement contains errata, corrections, and clarifications to IEEE Std 896.2a-1991. Futurebus+ standards provide systems developers a set of tools with which high-performance bus-based systems may be developed. This architecture provides a wide range of performance scalability over both cost and time for multiple generations of single- and multiple-bus multiprocessor systems. This document, a companion standard to ISO/IEC 10857: 1994 [ANSI/IEEE Std 896.1, 1994 Edition], builds on the logical layer by adding requirements for physical layer instantiation. Material in this document includes specifications for node management, live insertion, and profiles. It is to these profiles that products will claim conformance. Other specifications that may be required in conjunction with this standard are the following: IEEE Std 896.3-1993; IEEE Std 1212-1991; IEEE Std 1194.1- 1991; and the IEEE 1301 series of standards.
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