IEEE 802.3p,q-1993 - IEEE Standards for LMANs: Supplement to IEEE 802.3 - Guidelines for the Development of Managed Objects (GDMO) (IS0 10164-4) Format for Layer-Managed Objects (Section 5) and Layer Management for 10 Mb/s Baseband Medium Attachment Units (MAUs) (Section 20)
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Abstract for IEEE 802.3-1993: This supplement to ISO/IEC 8802-3 : 1993 [IEEE Std 802.3,1993 Edition] defines a set of mechanisms that enable management of ISO/IEC 8802-3 10 MWs integrated Medium Attachment Units (MAUs). The managed objects within this standard are defined as sets of attributes, actions, notifications, and behaviors in accordance with IEEE 802.1 and IS0 standards for network management. Abstract for IEEE 802.3q-1993: Changes are made to Section 5, Lower Management, of ISO/IEC 8802-3 : 1993 [IEEE Std 802.3,1 993 Edition] to bring it into alignment with ISO/IEC 10165-4, Guidelines for the development of managed objects (GDMO).
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