IEEE 792-1995 - IEEE Recommended Practice for the Evaluation of the Impulse Voltage Capability of Insulation Systems for AC Electric Machinery Employing Form-Wound Stator Coils
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A test procedure for the evaluation of the impulse voltage capability of insulation systems of form-wound ac rotating electrical machinery is outlined. The procedure is primarily directed toward providing a qualification test for the turn insulation in regard to its ability to withstand impulses that might be impressed on the terminals of a machine and that result from switching surges, lightning, or other disturbances. The standard also presents information on the ability of the ground insulation to withstand impulses. The procedure provides a basis for the accumulation, analysis, and reporting of information concerning impulse-voltage withstand strength of ground and turn insulation, both new and aged. The use of multifactor aging tests, combining thermal and electrical aging in order to address the withstand capability of micaceous insulation, is recommended.
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