IEEE 730.1-1989 - IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans
Standard Details
The purpose of this standard is to provide uniform, minimum acceptable requirements for preparation and content of Software Quality Assurance Plans (SQAPs). In considering adoption of this standard, regulatory bodies should be aware that specific application of this standard may already be covered by one or more IEEE or ANSI standards documents relating to quality assurance, definitions, or other matters. It is not the purpose of this document to supersede, revise or amend existing standards directed to specific industries or applications. This standard applies to the development and maintenance of critical software. For non-critical software, or for software already developed, a subset of the requirements of this standard may be applied. The existence of this standard should not be construed to prohibit additional content in a SQAP. An assessment should be made for the specific software item to assure adequacy of coverage. Where this standard is invoked for an organization or project engaged in producing several software items, the applicability of the standard should be specified for each of the software items.
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