IEEE 726-1979 - IEEE Standard Real-Time BASIC for CAMAC
Standard Details
This standard deals with software for the CAMAC modular instrumentation and interface system of ANSI/IEEE Std 583-1975, Modular Instrumentation and Digital Interface System (CAMAC) (also Report EUR 4100e of the Commission of the European Communities). The report on which this document is based, ERDA Report TID-26619, was prepared by the NIM Committee* of the United States Energy Research and Development Administration (now the Department of Energy) and the ESONE Committee** of European Laboratories. The corresponding ESONE document is ESONE/RTB/02. IEEE Std 726-1979 differs from the corresponding ESONE document ESONE/RTB/02 and US Energy Research and Development Administration document TID-26619 in the following respects: (1) The keyword RECEIVE is used in place of the keyword READ for process input. (2) The section on interrupt handling is not included. In particular, reference to the WHEN statement to link an event-name to an interrupt service routine has been deleted. (3) The capability of handling errors at run-time has been deleted.
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