IEEE 1835-2014 - NACE International and IEEE Joint Standard Practice for Atmospheric (Above Grade) Corrosion Control of Existing Electric Transmission, Distribution, and Substation Structures by Coating Systems
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This standard provides a procedure that shall be used to (1) assess structures for atmospheric corrosion; (2) assess the level of risk to the structure in terms of corrosion attack and degradation to the existing coating system; (3) make informed decisions based on those findings as to whether coating repair is needed and if so, to what extent; and (4) apply repair coatings to the structure if applicable. This standard applies to the repair of above-grade atmospheric coatings. For the purposes of this standard, the atmospheric area to be coated is generally comprised of that portion of the utility support structure above the transition zone. This standard is limited to the above-grade and atmospheric portions of utility support structures. It does not address below-grade coating repair within and below the transition zone. This standard does not address foundations or guy anchoring systems. This standard does not cover the coating of aluminum, weathering steel, concrete, or any material other than steel. Likewise, it does not cover the coating of non-support structures such as fencing, buildings, transformers, or other miscellaneous components within the transmission, distribution, and substation systems. This standard does not cover new construction, transition zone, below-grade, or water immersion. These areas of concern are addressed specifically in other NACE/IEEE standards. This standard does not address mechanical or structural damage, mechanical or structural repairs, or structural integrity.
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