IEEE 1609.3-2010/Cor 2-2014 - IEEE Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) -- Network Systems Corrigendum 2: Miscellaneous Corrections
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This corrigendum corrects errors in IEEE Std 1609.3(TM)-2010 in the following areas: References to current documents including IEEE Std 1609.0TM, IEEE Std 1609.2TM, IEEE Std 1609.12TM, IEEE P1609.6TM; and Requests for Comments (RFCs); Names of Service Access Points (SAPs), primitives, and data structures specified in IEEE Std 1609.2; Removal of channel access capabilities from the PICS, which are more appropriately covered in IEEE Std 1609.4(TM); Minor typographic errors in the text and Management Information Base annex.
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