IEEE/ISO 11802-5-1997 - ISO/IEC 11802-5:1997 (E) [ANSI/IEEE Std 802.1H, 1997 Edition], Information technology--Telecommunications and information exchange between systems--Local and metropolitan area networks--Technical reports and guidelines--Part 5: Media Access Control (MAC) Bridging of Ethernet V2.0 in Local Area Networks
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Extensions to the behavior of ISO/IEC 10038 (IEEE 802.1D) media access control (MAC) Bridges, in order to facilitate interoperability in bridged local area networks (LANs) comprising CSMA/CD networks interconnected with other types of LAN using MAC Bridges, where the CSMA/CD networks contain a mixture of ISO/IEC 8802-3 and Ethernet V2.0 end stations, are specified. Additionally, guidelines are provided for the development of nonstandard 802 protocols, with particular emphasis on conversion of existing Ethernet protocols and the behavior to be expected from a Bridge, for the purpose of avoiding future incompatibilities
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