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Newly Published Standards


IEEE 802.1QTM-2018, Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks—Bridges and Bridged Networks

This standard specifies Bridges that interconnect individual LANs, each supporting the IEEE 802® MAC Service using a different or identical media access control method, to provide Bridged Networks and VLANs.



IEEE C57.161TM-2018, Guide for Dielectric Frequency Response Test

This guide is applicable to the methods of Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR) of liquid-immersed transformers. The guide includes recommendations for instrumentation, procedures for performing the tests, and techniques for analyzing the data. This guide can be used in both field and factory applications.




IEEE C57.110TM-2018, Recommended Practice for Establishing Liquid Immersed and Dry-Type Power and Distribution Transformer Capability when Supplying Nonsinusoidal Load Currents

This recommended practice applies only to two winding transformers covered by IEEE C57.12.00TM, IEEE C57.12.01TM, and NEMA ST20.1 It does not apply to rectifier transformers. The purpose of this document is to establish uniform methods for determining the capability of transformers when supplying nonsinusoidal load currents of known characteristics.




IEEE 3006.8TM-2018, Recommended Practice for Analyzing Reliability Data for Equipment Used in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

This recommended practice describes how to analyze reliability data for equipment used in industrial and commercial power systems. Equipment reliability data collected over the years is presented. This is followed by a discussion of key equipment reliability metrics, such as failure rate, downtime to repair in hours per failure, and probability of starting (operating).




IEEE 3002.8TM-2018, Recommended Practice for Conducting Harmonic Studies and Analysis of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

This recommended practice describes how to conduct harmonic studies and analysis of industrial and commercial power systems. The basic concepts are described first. This is followed by a discussion of how to determine the need for a harmonic-analysis study, how to assemble the required data, how to recognize potential problems, and how to implement corrective measures.



Products and Services



COMING SOON: IEEE ARC Flash Mobile Application

We're excited to announce the IEEE ARC Flash Mobile Application will be available in early 2019. The app will present all the content of IEEE1584TM in a convenient digital format. Keep watch for further news about the app on!



NEW: NESC 2017®, Spanish Edition

This Handbook offers the National Electrical Safety Code text in English along with commentary by contributors translated into Spanish.



IEEE White Paper: Smart Grid Standards for Operation in Sub-1 GHz Bands

This white paper is intended to provide information on the benefits and applications of IEEE 802® wireless standards operating in sub-1 GHz bands.





Articles of Interest


Picture of Konstantinos Karachalios

Episode 73: A Conversation with Konstantinos Karachalios

In this episode Byron and Konstantinos discuss what it means to be human, how technology has changed us in the far and recent past and how AI could shape our future...







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Learn more about The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

Picture of a guy working in a data center (server room)

Laying the Foundation for the Lossless Data Center

Modern data centers are tasked with delivering intelligent multi‐media responses to real‐time human interactions. Massive amounts of data are being churned and sifted by highly parallel applications, such as Online Data Intensive Services and Artificial Intelligence…    




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Learn more about IEEE 802 “Network Enhancements for the Next Decade” Industry Connections Activity

Download IEEE 802® Nendica Report: The Lossless Network for Data Centers

Integrated circuits

Quantum computing, not AI, will define our future
It's the 21st century space race

The word “quantum” gained currency in the late 20th century as a descriptor signifying something so significant it defied the use of common adjectives. For example, a “quantum leap” is a dramatic advancement (also an early 1990’s television series starring Scott Bakula). At best, that is an imprecise (though entertaining) definition. When “quantum” is applied to “computing,” however, we are indeed entering an era of dramatic advancement…    


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Learn about IEEE-SA Quantum Computing standards projects: IEEE P7130TM and IEEE P7131TM



More from IEEE


Group of people attending a conference - 3rd Africa Smart Grid Forum 2018

IEEE-SA Leads a Dynamic Program of Activity in Eastern Africa

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) held several events in Eastern Africa as follow-on on past meetings and engagements, and to continue to build awareness and connections with the local technology communities the first week of October, aligning with IEEE Day and World Standards Day activities...


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Picture of a robot

Machine Learning Could Boost Space Communications
A new algorithm uses AI to alter transmission frequency and cancel out distortions

A team of researchers says it has developed the next generation of space communications, using a reinforcement learning neural network (RLNN), a form of machine learning. The researchers use an algorithm to enable cognitive radio functions so that a communications system can autonomously adapt itself…


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Picture of a spaceship

The First Space Tourism Trips Are Scheduled for Next Year

Space tourism is becoming more of a reality now that the commercial spaceflight companies Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic have announced details about their plans...





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