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Newly Published Standard
  • IEEE C37.248-2017™, Guide for Common Format for Naming Intelligent Electronic Devices (COMDEV)

    This guide provides a common convention for naming physical and virtual Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs). It discusses the various environments where device names are needed and how a common naming convention would be beneficial.

  • IEEE 187™-2018, Standard for Measurement of Emissions from FM and Television Broadcast Receivers in the Frequency Range of 9 kHz to 40 GHz

    This standard is specifically written to outline the measurement procedures to be utilized in determining the Conducted and Radiated Electromagnetic Emissions of Television and FM Broadcast Receivers. The new or revision work to update the measurement standard is to include new and developing television broadcast and receiver designs and technologies and clarify areas in the standard to assure compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • IEEE 1903.1™-2017, Standard for Content Delivery Protocols of Next Generation Service Overlay Network

    This Standard specifies protocols among Content Delivery (CD) Functional Entity (FE), Service Routing (SR) FE, Service Policy Decision (SPD) FE, Service Discovery and Negotiation (SDN) FE, and Context Information Management (CIM) FE to support advanced content delivery capability in next generation service overlay networks.

  • IEEE C57.19.04™-2018, Standard for Performance Characteristics and Dimensions for High Current Power Transformer Bushings with Rated Continuous Current in Excess of 5000 A in Bus Enclosures

    This standard covers the electrical, dimensional, and related special requirements for high current rating power transformer bushings within bus enclosures that have rated continuous current in excess of 5000 A. Bushings covered by this standard are intended for use as components of liquid-filled transformers, including but not limited to Generator Step-Up (GSU) Transformers.

New Products and Solutions
  • IEEE Next Generation Service Overlay Networks - IEEE 1903™ Series (Bundle)

    This Next Generation Service Overlay Network (NGSON) series of standards describes a framework of Internet Protocol (IP)-based service overlay networks and specifies context-aware [e.g., such as required quality of service (QoS) level; type of service such as real time versus data; nature of data stream such as I-frame versus B-frame; and type of terminal such as TV monitor versus personal digital assistant], dynamically adaptive, and self-organizing, including advanced routing and forwarding schemes, that are independent of underlying networks. This bundle includes: IEEE 1903™-2011, IEEE 1903.1™-2017, IEEE 1903.2™-2017 and IEEE 1903.3™-2017.

  • IEEE 1671™ Series (Bundle)

    This bundle supports the development of Test Program Sets (TPSs) used in an automatic test environment and specifies an exchange format, utilizing XML, for identifying all of the hardware, software and documentation associated with a unit under test (UUT). This bundle consists of: IEEE 1671-2010, IEEE 1671.1-2017, IEEE 1671.2-2012, IEEE 1671.3-2017, IEEE 1671.4-2014, IEEE 1671.5-2015, IEEE 1671.6-2015.

Articles of Interest


SIXTY-TWO YEARS AGO this summer, Dartmouth professor John McCarthy coined the term artificial intelligence. Joi Ito, director of MIT’s Media Lab, has come to think it’s unhelpful.Talk of AI has become hard to avoid due to surging investment from companies hoping to profit from advances in machine learning

Get Ready: All Our Devices Will Be Able to Talk to One Another Soon

Soon enough, all our devices will be talking to one another. Whether it’s your refrigerator asking your personal digital assistant to place an order with an online grocer or your car getting traffic updates from stoplight sensors, everything and everyone are going to be connected…

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Optical Data Network Backbone for Autonomous Driving

For safety-related functions such as the data network backbone, autonomous driving requires redundant systems. The objective of this redundancy is to increase safety and avoid the autonomous car being locked if the backbone is disabled in some way…

Learn more about the Optical Data Network Backbone for Autonomous Driving from Gold Exhibitor, KDPOF, at the 2018 IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day, 9-10 October 2018 in London, England.

Embracing a Future with Extended Intelligence

I first met John Havens at an Aspen Institute Roundtable to discuss the future of artificial intelligence. I had always pictured IEEE as a place where engineers hammered out practical technical standards and published rigorous academic journals so I was surprised—and excited—to find him advocating the importance of ethics in autonomous and intelligent systems in such a nuanced and inclusive way…

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Autonomous and intelligent systems are developing rapidly, and much of the world is struggling with outdated governance mechanisms in trying to ensure that the powerful innovations leveraging artificial intelligence work for the actual benefit of humanity. The common instinctive approach tends to be asking, “What laws do we have on the books that might fit?...

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Tune In to the New Podcast Series From the IEEE Brain Initiative

A new podcast series from the IEEE Brain Initiative features interviews with leaders in brain research and neurotechnology working at top institutions and government agencies...

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