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IEEE C37.240-2014

IEEE Standard Cybersecurity Requirements for Substation Automation, Protection, and Control Systems

Cybersecurity measures require that a balance be achieved between technical feasibility and economic feasibility and that this balance addresses the risks expected to be present at a substation. Further, cybersecurity measures must be designed and implemented in such a manner that access and operation to legitimate activities is not impeded, particularly during times of emergency or restoration activity. This standard presents a balance of the above factors.

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PE/PSCC - Power System Communications and Cybersecurity
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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Sponsor Committee
PE/PSCC - Power System Communications and Cybersecurity
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Working Group
S0/C37.240_WG - PC37.240 Cyber Security Standard
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IEEE Program Manager
Erin Morales
Working Group Chair
Steven Kunsman


Standard Cybersecurity Requirements for Power System Automation, Protection and Control Systems

The standard provides technical requirements for power system cybersecurity. Based on sound engineering practices, requirements can be applied to achieve high levels of cybersecurity of power system automation, protection and control systems independent of voltage level or criticality of cyber assets.

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