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IEEE 802.3u-1995

IEEE Standards for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Supplement - Media Access Control (MAC) Parameters, Physical Layer, Medium Attachment Units, and Repeater for 100Mb/s Operation, Type 100BASE-T (Clauses 21-30)

Superseded by 802.3aa-1998. The ISO/IEC CSMA/CD Media Access Control (MAC) is coupled with a family of new Physical Layer specifications to achieve 100 Mb/s operation. Known collectively as 100BASE-T, this family of Physical Layer specifications includes 100BASE-T4, which uses four pairs of ISO/IEC 11801: 1995 Category 3, 4, or 5 balanced cable; 100BASE-TX, which uses two pairs of Category 5 balanced cable or 150 ohm shielded balanced cable; and 100BASE-FX, which uses two multi-mode fibers. The two 100BASE-X specifications (100BASE-TX and 100BASE-FX) reused portions of the 100 Mb/s physical signaling specifications originally developed for Fibre Distributed Data Interface (FDDI).

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C/LM - LAN/MAN Standards Committee
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IEEE Computer Society
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C/LM - LAN/MAN Standards Committee
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