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IEEE P2999

IEEE Draft Guide for Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Industrial Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

Defining and classifying industrial ultrashort pulse lasers and specifying the required parameters that should be included in industrial ultrashort pulse laser products, such as maximum average output power, pulse width, power stability, effective spot diameter, divergence angle, spot roundness, beam quality, signal-to-noise ratio, polarization direction, extinction ratio, pulse power stability, pulse rise/fall edge, pulse rise/fall time, position synchronized output, environmental reliability are discussed in this guide. This guide also provides testing methods for the necessary parameters of industrial ultrashort pulse lasers.

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PHO/SC - Standards Committee
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IEEE Photonics Society
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PHO/SC - Standards Committee
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UPLWG - Ultrashort Pulse Lasers Working Group
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Dapeng Yan
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