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Technical Requirements and Evaluation Methods for Intelligent Levels of Smart Home Devices

This standard provides a general intelligence level architecture for smart home devices, in order to stipulate their capabilities equipped by various sensors, hardware and software. The standard specifies home device intelligence capabilities mainly from seven aspects, including computation, perception, cognition, motion, coordination, skills, and security. · The computation comprises of computing, memory, storage, and network components. · The perception includes speech and vision. · The cognition is enabled by natural language processing and other related technologies. · The motion involves decision-making and route planning. · The coordination describes how the device interacts with others. · The skills refer to study, education, entertainment, and others based on the type and domain of devices. · The security includes electromagnetic compatibility and system security.

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CTS/SDSC - Smart Devices Standards Committee
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IEEE Consumer Technology Society
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Sponsor Committee
CTS/SDSC - Smart Devices Standards Committee
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SHDWG - Smart Home Device Working Group
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Jiajia Liu
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Xiaofei Dong
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