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Guide for Electronic Sports (Esports) Integrity

This guide provides the technical procedures to maximize the integrity of Esports. This includes procedures for preventing identity theft, match-fixing, unauthorized use of devices and other methods of cheating, using biometric, signal, and data analysis methods such as facial recognition, position detection, voiceprint comparison, plug-in detection, and spoofing detection.

Sponsor Committee
C/OGSC - Online Gaming Standards Committee
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IEEE Computer Society
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Sponsor Committee
C/OGSC - Online Gaming Standards Committee
Working Group
ESPORTS - Technology for Electronic Sports
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IEEE Program Manager
Christy Bahn
Working Group Chair
xiaoguang Yang


Guide for Broadcasting Electronic Sports (Esports) Events

This guide addresses the technical and management aspects for broadcasting live Esports, pre-match preparation including network, video and audio testing, in-match action including the coding, transmission, recording, content protection, source, communication and station fault tolerance, and contingency management including data backup, user profile backup or synchronization.

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