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IEEE 2807-2022

IEEE Standard for Framework of Knowledge Graphs

A framework of knowledge graphs is proposed in this standard. The knowledge graph conceptual model, construction and integration process of knowledge graphs, main activities in the processes, and stakeholders of knowledge graphs are described in detail. This standard can be applied in various organizations that plan, design, develop, implement, and apply knowledge and in organizations that develop support technologies, tools, and services to knowledge graphs.

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C/SAB - Standards Activities Board
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IEEE Computer Society
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C/SAB - Standards Activities Board
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Working Group
KG_WG - Knowledge Graph Working Group
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Soo Kim
Working Group Chair
Ruiqi Li


Guide for Scientific Knowledge Graphs

This guideline for Scientific Knowledge Graphs (SKG) specifies: 1) Data scope, including the actors such as authors or organizations, the documents such as journal or conference publications, and the research knowledge such as research topics or technologies; 2) SKG construction process, including knowledge acquisition, knowledge fusion, knowledge representation, or knowledge inference of scientific knowledge; 3) Applications, including academic service, intelligence mining, or scholar analysis.

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Guide for Medical Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Oriented Knowledge Graphs

This guide for Medical Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Oriented Knowledge Graphs (MCKGs) specifies: n1) A construction process for MCKGs, including knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation, knowledge fusion, and knowledge inference of clinical diagnosis and treatment information. n2) Input data requirements, including authoritative data such as medical literature, clinical diagnosis and treatment guides, medical knowledge base, and expert consensus. n3) Functions and interfaces of applications, including knowledge-driven diagnostic decision support, knowledge recommendation, or interpretation of examination report.

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Guide for Open Domain Knowledge Graph Publishing and Crowdsourcing Service

This guide specifies: n1) publishing and crowdsourcing service guidelines for open domain knowledge graph (ODKG) that organizations are able to publicly share via the Internet;n2) metadata requirements, ontology model and schema requirements during publication of ODKGs;n3) knowledge graph creation, editing, download and citation requirements during crowdsourcing of ODKGs.

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Standard for Knowledge Exchange Protocol with Knowledge Fusion Among Knowledge Graphs

This standard specifies a knowledge exchange protocol that allows for knowledge fusion among knowledge graphs. The standard specifies the protocol's framework, modes of knowledge exchange, the format of knowledge elements used in knowledge graphs, and the structure and processing flow of transmitted messages among knowledge graphs.

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