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Standard for Classification and Description of Perceptual Data in Smart Home

This standard defines the scope, classification and description of the relevant data of intelligent devices, home environments, users and non-device items obtained by perception in the smart home scene.

Sponsor Committee
CTS/ETSC - Emerging Technology Standards Committee
Active PAR
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IEEE Consumer Technology Society
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Sponsor Committee
CTS/ETSC - Emerging Technology Standards Committee
Working Group
SHSWG - Smart Home Systems Working Group
IEEE Program Manager
Soo Kim
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Working Group Chair
Miao Wang

Other Activities From This Working Group

Current projects that have been authorized by the IEEE SA Standards Board to develop a standard.


Standard for a Framework and Requirements for Multimodal Interaction Systems in Smart Home

This standard provides definitions and a terminology, a system framework, functional requirements, interface specifications, and interaction processes for multimodal interaction systems for smart home systems based on IEEE Std 2785. The standard specifies and standardizes the data and processes for various interaction modes, including voice, touch, and vision, in smart homes, thereby effectively enhancing the accuracy and convenience of human-computer interaction in smart home systems.

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Standard for Classification of Intelligence Levels and Their Evaluation Model in Smart Home Systems

This standard defines levels of intelligence of smart home systems. Furthermore, the standard provides a terminology, classification principles, a capability framework, a model, and methods necessary to evaluate these levels.

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Standards approved by the IEEE SA Standards Board that are within the 10-year lifecycle.


IEEE Standard for Architectural Framework and General Requirements for Smart Home Systems

The definitions and terminologies, information modeling, architectural framework, key technological requirements, and general model for intelligent level evaluation related to the Smart Home systems are provided in this standard.

Learn More About 2785-2023

These standards have been replaced with a revised version of the standard, or by a compilation of the original active standard and all its existing amendments, corrigenda, and errata.

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These standards have been removed from active status through a ballot where the standard is made inactive as a consensus decision of a balloting group.

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These standards are removed from active status through an administrative process for standards that have not undergone a revision process within 10 years.

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