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IEEE 2735-2022

IEEE Standard for Interoperability of Complex Virtual Instruments for Internet of Things

A framework for IoT application systems, a definition of a complex virtual instrumentation model, and agreement on a framework and interfaces to achieve interoperability of IoT applications, while specifying the communication methods, invocation parameters and return value formats of the interfaces, is given in this standard.

Sponsor Committee
IM/ST - TC9 - Sensor Technology
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IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society
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Sponsor Committee
IM/ST - TC9 - Sensor Technology
Working Group
CVI - Complex Virtual Instrument Working Group
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IEEE Program Manager
Meng Zhao
Working Group Chair
Zhongwen Guo
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IEEE Standard Design Criteria of Complex Virtual Instruments for Household Appliance Test

This standard designs and standardizes data input interfaces, computing service interfaces, interconnection service interfaces, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) service interfaces, functional design requirements, and constraints for Complex Virtual Instruments (CVI) in the field of household appliance testing based on IEEE Std 2735. The purpose is to process the data or metadata from different types of household appliance complex virtual instruments.

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