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Standard for Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing of Electrical and Instrumentation and Control Equipment at Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear Facilities

This standard provides qualification methods and criteria to establish the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of equipment in nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities. The methods and criteria incorporated in this standard apply to electrical and instrumentation and control (I&C) equipment. EMC qualification involves two elements: 1) testing to assess susceptibility of equipment to interference levels that bound the expected electromagnetic environment at the installation site and 2) testing to assess emissions of equipment to ensure that the contribution to the electromagnetic environment does not invalidate bounding interference levels applied for susceptibility testing.

Sponsor Committee
PE/NPE - Nuclear Power Engineering
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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Sponsor Committee
PE/NPE - Nuclear Power Engineering
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Working Group
WG_2.16 - Working Group for Electromagnetic Compatibility for Nuclear Power Plant Equipment
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IEEE Program Manager
Christian Orlando
Working Group Chair
Suresh Channarasappa
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