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Standard Technical Specifications for Ultra-High-Power Electric Vehicle Chargers

This standard defines requirements for the design of safe, reliable and compact ultra-high-power DC chargers for electric vehicles. The standard will allow power ratings of 500 kW or more, enable dynamic current control and bi-directional charging bi-directional charging (for vehicle-to-home, vehicle-to-building and vehicle-to-grid power transfers), be backward compatible with existing DC fast charging standards (IEEE 2030.1.1, CHAdeMO 1.0, 2.0 and the upcoming 3.0 version, and potentially other standards such as GB/T 20234 (reference:, and be applicable to both light- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Sponsor Committee
VT/ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems
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IEEE Vehicular Technology Society
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Sponsor Committee
VT/ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems
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Working Group
EVSEWG - Working Group for Creating Technical Specifications of the Next Generation of Electric Vehicle Chargers
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IEEE Program Manager
Soo Kim
Working Group Chair
Alexandre Beaudet

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