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IEEE 1936.1-2021

IEEE Standard for Drone Applications Framework

A framework for support of drone applications is established in this standard. Typical drone application classes, application scenarios, and required application execution environments are specified. The general facility requirements of drone applications are listed, including flight platform, flight control system, ground control station, payload, control link and data link, takeoff and landing system, etc. The drone safety and management requirements include airworthiness, airspace and air traffic requirements, qualification of operators, qualification of personnel, insurance, confidentiality, and others. The general operation process is detailed. The operation results stipulate the operation record and operation report, including data classification, data collection and processing, data record and analysis, and data reference format.

Sponsor Committee
COM/AccessCore-SC - Access and Core Networks Standards Committee
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IEEE Communications Society
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Sponsor Committee
COM/AccessCore-SC - Access and Core Networks Standards Committee
Working Group
SDAF - Standard for Drone Applications Framework
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IEEE Program Manager
Jennifer Santulli
Working Group Chair
Xiang Tan


Photogrammetric Technical Standard of Civil Light and Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Overhead Transmission Line Engineering

The standard specifies the operational methods, accuracy indicators and technical requirements for the photogrammetry for light-small civil drone applications in power grid engineering surveys and design. The light and small civil drones in this standard refers to: ??) Fixed-wing UAV or multi-rotor UAV is applied as the flying platform. ??) Powered by battery or fuel. ??) The weight is between 0.25kg and 25kg without payload. ??) The maximum active radius is 15km and the maximum operational altitude is 1km.

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