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IEEE 1175.4-2008

IEEE Standard for CASE Tool Interconnections--Reference Model for Specifying System Behavior

The reference model that provides a common interpretation basis by which tools can express and communicate the observable features of system/software behavior to users and to other tools is presented in this standard. This standard specifies a conceptual metamodel for understanding and describing the causal behavior for a system. The purpose of this conceptual metamodel is to express causal behavior and compositions of causal behavior in a model that integrates all observable operational features of a system into one behavior specification. This conceptual metamodel is useful for analyzing systems, for constructing particular system behavior models, and for using those models in the specification, design, and evaluation of engineered systems. It provides the necessary semantic elements for describing general hardware/software systems, including hardware-only, software-only, or mixed system components, and it allows these different types of components to be treated in a consistent manner, providing a basis for representing a wide variety of systems.

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C/S2ESC - Software & Systems Engineering Standards Committee
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IEEE Computer Society
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Sponsor Committee
C/S2ESC - Software & Systems Engineering Standards Committee
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1175.4_WG - Guide for CASE Tool Interconnections - Reference Model for Specifying System Behavior WG
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Patricia Roder
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Carl Singer
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