Inactive-Withdrawn Standard

IEEE 100-2000

The Authoritative Dictionary of IEEE Standards Terms, Seventh Edition

The terms defined in the Dictionary are listed in letter-by-letter alphabetical order. Spaces are ignored in this style of alphabetization, so cable value will come before cab signal. Descriptive categories associated with the term in earlier editions of the Dictionary will follow the term in parentheses. New categories appear after the definitions (see Categories, below), followed by the designation of the standard or standards that include the definition. If a standard designation is followed by the letter s, it means that edition of the standard was superseded by a newer revision and the term was not included in the revision. If a designation is followed by the letter w, it means that edition of the standard was withdrawn and not replaced by a revision. A bracketed number refers to the non-IEEE standard sources given in the back of the book. Abstracts of the current set of approved IEEE standards are provided in the back of the book. It should be noted that updated information about IEEE standards can be obtained at any time from the IEEE Standards World Wide Web site at

Inactive-Withdrawn Standard

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