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IEEE 100-1996

The IEEE Standard Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms Sixth Edition

Terms defined in the approved IEEE standards issued by all IEEE standards-generating bodies and accredited standards committees. Additional technical terms already present in the current edition of the dictionary. Acronyms and abbreviations deemed useful to IEEE members. Abstracts of IEEE standards.

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SASB/SASB - Standards Association Standards Board
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Working Group Details

IEEE-SASB Coordinating Committees
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SASB/SASB - Standards Association Standards Board
Working Group
ADMIN_8211 - Project Administration_8211
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Other Activities From This Working Group

Current projects that have been authorized by the IEEE SA Standards Board to develop a standard.

No Active Projects

Standards approved by the IEEE SA Standards Board that are within the 10-year lifecycle.

No Active Standards

These standards have been replaced with a revised version of the standard, or by a compilation of the original active standard and all its existing amendments, corrigenda, and errata.


American National Standard Performance Criteria for Alarming Personal Radiation Detectors for Homeland Security

Performance specifications, design criteria, and testing methods are provided for the evaluation of radiation detection instruments that are pocket sized and carried on the body.

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American National Standard Performance Criteria for Spectroscopy-Based Portal Monitors Used for Homeland Security

The performance requirements for radionuclide identifying portal monitors, also referred to as spectroscopic portal monitors, are described in this standard. The requirements stated are based on monitors used in support of efforts associated with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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These standards have been removed from active status through a ballot where the standard is made inactive as a consensus decision of a balloting group.

No Inactive-Withdrawn Standards

These standards are removed from active status through an administrative process for standards that have not undergone a revision process within 10 years.


IEEE Standard Codes, Formats, Protocols, and Common Commands for Use With IEEE Std 488.1-1987, IEEE Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation

A set of codes and formats to be used by devices connected via the IEEE 488.1 bus is specified. This standard also defines communication protocols that are necessary to effect application-independent and device-dependent message exchanges, and further defines common commands and characteristics useful in instrument system applications. It is intended to apply to small-scale to medium-scale instrument systems comprised mainly of measurement, stimulus, and interconnect devices with an instrumentation controller. The standard may also apply to certain devices outside the scope of the instrument system environment. IEEE 488.1 subsets, standard message-handling protocols including error handling, unambiguous program and response-message syntactic structures, common commands useful in a wide range of instrument system applications, standard status reporting structures, and system configuration and synchronization protocols are covered. IEEE Std 488.2-1992 , 488.2 ,

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