Types & Nature Of Projects

Types & Nature of Projects

There are a few types of standards projects. The standard to be produced can be either a standard containing mandatory requirements, a recommended practice outlining preferred procedures, or a guide offering suggestions for working with a technology. Projects involve either new standards, revisions of existing standards, corrigenda for existing standards, or amendments to existing standards. Standards have a ten-year life, or in the case of trial-use standards, two years, after which they can be considered for full status or revision.

IEEE standards include but are not limited to:

  • Lists of terms, definitions, or symbols, applicable to any field of science or technology within the scope of IEEE;
  • Expositions of scientific methods of measurement or tests of the parameters or performance of any device, apparatus, system, or phenomenon associated with the art, science, or technology of any field within the scope of IEEE;
  • Characteristics, performance, and safety requirements associated with devices, equipment, and systems with engineering installations; and/or
  • Recommendations reflecting current state-of-the-art in the application of engineering principles to any field of technology within the scope of IEEE.


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