Artificial Intelligence: Will it Neutralize or Energize Our Minds?


As the world becomes more automated and customizable through technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), it begs the question – at what point does automation wane the randomness of life? The next generation of intelligent systems could mediate our environments completely. Everything we see and interact with would be to our preferences, ultimately stripping away all the friction of life. But is this good for us? In a recent Inverse article, Will AI Be Able to Self-Program the Randomness of Life?, Jay Iorio, Director of Innovation, IEEE Standards Association drives readers to think about these hard questions.

From music to news to dating, today we all enjoy the benefits of technology to mediate life and decision-making. As technology continues to advance, it is important to think about the impact on life. Broad-based consensus, standards, best practices, and ethically aligned design principles all could help humanity leverage new technology without losing the randomness of life. Jay will provide insight on this topic at the annual SXSW Conference and Festival, 10-19, March, 2017. The session, AI & The Suburbanization of the Mind, is included in the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series at SXSW.

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