New Book on Modern Standardization Provides Insight into Technical, Political, and Economic Crossroads of Engineering


8. RSBehind many published global technical standards, remarkable tales are waiting to be discovered. Themes of groundbreaking technological innovation, international “coopetition,” and consensus-building as diverse as the standards participants and technologies they represent explain why and in what ways standards came to be the norms that shape how much of the world works, communicates, and plays.

These interesting stories often go untold to the engineers, business executives, professors, and students who are not directly involved in standards development. Until now.

Author Ron Schneiderman found, spoke with, and contacted some of the most involved participants in standards development and includes their stories and related insights in his new book Modern Standardization: Case Studies at the Crossroads of Technology, Economics, and Politics, published in March 2015 by Wiley & Sons.

Modern Standardization includes a collection of nine standards-specific case studies. Although each case study addresses different standards and technologies, all of the highlighted standards and stories are discussed with students and professors of engineering, business, or law in mind. The case studies provide real-world insight into the technical, political, and economic crossroads of engineering and global technical standards, as well as encourage readers to think critically about standards development and technology solutions. They reinforce the usage of standards as an impetus for innovation and help readers understand their dynamic and impact.

For professors and instructors interested in adopting Modern Standardization for academic courses, a curriculum guide is also available. The curriculum guide includes classroom activities, discussion questions, further study projects, and short quizzes. Those interested in obtaining the curriculum guide should send a request to: [email protected].

For more information about Modern Standardization: Case Studies at the Crossroads of Technology, Economics, and Politics or to order a copy, visit or search for the book on Amazon. For more information about standards education at IEEE, visit

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