OCEANIS publishes Think Piece ‘Role of Standards in Facilitating Innovation while Addressing Ethics and Value in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS)’


The Open Community on Ethics and Intelligent Systems (OCEANIS), a global forum for discussion, debate and collaboration for organizations interested in the development and use of standards to further the development of A/IS, has published a Think Piece entitled ‘Role of Standards in Facilitating Innovation while Addressing Ethics and Value in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS)‘.

This think piece describes the roles and benefits of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) Standards and general standardization process, as well as the benefits of ICT standards. It provides an overview of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS), its ethical concerns, and expresses this conviction of OCEANIS members that robust standards are needed to facilitate innovation in these spaces. To encourage the development of socially beneficial applications of A/IS, and to protect the public from adverse consequences of A/IS, effective standards and government regulations are needed. OCEANIS members Adapt Centre, BSI Group, CIO Strategy Council, Fujitsu, KFV, IEC and IEEE contributed to the drafting work.

Standards are critical components of the national and global technology infrastructure, and are vital to industry and commerce. Many are also crucial to the safety of citizens, and as A/IS technologies become more prevalent, nowhere is the government’s role more important for protecting its citizens than in this emerging technology area. In particular, such technologies require a collective response to their rapid implementation in order to preempt possible negative effects of their use. Formal standards bodies, consortia, alliances, and other related organizations and stakeholders must work together to tackle emerging standardization needs in A/IS.

The think piece is intended for standards developing organizations (SDOs), governments and organizations contributing to the engineering of dependability and trustworthiness of A/IS as they develop and standardize technical solutions.

As a founding member of OCEANIS, IEEE SA encourages all interested stakeholders to circulate the Think Piece among within their networks.

View the Think Piece here.

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