Managing the Magnitude of the Smart Grid


Utilities, industry, policymakers and even consumers must not underestimate what is being undertaken in the smart grid. It’s not just a next step; it’s an interrelated range of steps—and, sometimes, leaps—that are all pointed toward the same set of revolutionary goals. It’s that potentially overwhelming magnitude of the enterprise that makes the emerging smart grid so complex and daunting.

In “Managing the Magnitude of the Smart Grid” at The Energy Collective, Dick DeBlasio looks at the layers of change that are being carried out, as well as the need to institute technology, business-process or regulatory changes within context of a comprehensive, long-range plan.

In addition to his role as chair of the IEEE 2030 Working Group, Dick DeBlasio is a past member of the IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors and chief engineer with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


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