National Electrical Safety Code Timeline


Today, the National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) celebrates 100 years in print. One of the most widely adopted safety codes and produced exclusively by IEEE, the NESC provides best practices for safety of electric supply and communication utility systems to both public and private utilities.

Every five years the NESC goes through a rigorous review process to keep the code up-to-date and useful for the protection of the public, electrical professionals, equipment and property. Below is a list of important dates for the review process:

1 August 2014: IEEE commemorates 100th year of the NESC.

1 September 2014: Preprint of the change proposals for incorporation into the 2017 Edition of the NESC published for distribution to the NESC Committee and other interested parties. This opens the public comment period, by interested parties, on the submitted change proposals and the subcommittee recommendations.

1 May 2015: The final date to submit comments on the submitted change proposal and the subcommittee recommendations. All comments and recommendations on these proposals are due to the Secretary, NESC Committee.

September-October 2015: Period for the NESC Subcommittee Working Groups and the NESC Subcommittees to reconsider all recommendations concerning the proposed amendments and prepare final report.

15 January 2016: Proposed revision of the NESC, Accredited Standards Committee C2, submitted to the NESC Committee for letter ballot and to ANSI for concurrent public review.

15 May 2016: NESC Committee approved revisions of the NESC submitted to ANSI for recognition as an ANSI standard.

1 August 2016: Publication of the 2017 Edition of the NESC.

To ensure the NESC aids in another 100 years of keeping utilities safe and efficient, the NESC Committee and IEEE SA invites all interested parties to participate in the review and public comment process. For more information, please visit the NESC webpage.

NESC Celebrating 100 Years Infographic

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