Intrepid the RAD-SuperMoon: The First 1000BASE-T1 Media Converter with AVB/TSN Support


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Media converters are popular because they allow the easy connection of Automotive Ethernet ECUs and other nodes to standard Ethernet ports (such as those on PCs). Early media converters, like Intrepid’s RAD-Moon, were designed for first-generation 100 Mb/s Automotive Ethernet. However, the advent of autonomy and the development of new features have led to increasing demands for bandwidth. As a result, the industry is now moving to the newer, faster 1000BASE-T1 standard.

Until now, there have been very few choices for media converters, and none fully available for 1000BASE-T1. There have also been no products with full support for AVB/TSN. But everything changes with the introduction of the Intrepid RAD-SuperMoon.

Available in limited quantities, the RAD-Supermoon provides several major benefits over other media converters:

  • Designed for 1000BASE-T1 operation
  • Also compatible with 100BASE-T1
  • Supports Audio Video Bridging / Time Sensitive Networking (AVB/TSN), including:
    • IEEE 802.3bp™ (Interspersing Express Traffic)
    • IEEE 802.1Qbu™ (Frame Preemption)
  • Easily configured via Intrepid’s neoVI Explorer software
  • Powered from the vehicle, using PoE or a USB-C interface
  • Uses a TE MateNET connector certified for 1000BASE-T1

The RAD-SuperMoon’s most common application is performing direct diagnostics, simulation, or ECU flashing via your PC’s Ethernet port. The RAD-SuperMoon also offers a “pure” media converter mode, which disables encapsulation of messages and allows connections between media of differing bit rates, buffering frames as needed.

The RAD-SuperMoon has a programmable membrane label that shows network status and allows setting the 1000BASE-T1 PHYs to master mode, slave mode, or automatic mode configuration to suit the mated devices.

Two RAD-SuperMoons can also be used in a pair to create an active tap. Connect two 1000BASE-T1 ECUs to the Automotive Ethernet ports of the RAD-Supermoons, while linking their standard Gigabit Ethernet ports. Traffic will continue to flow between the ECUs, and can also be monitored in real time over USB-C connected to a PC using software such as Intrepid’s Vehicle Spy.

The RAD-SuperMoon can also function as an AVB/TSN endpoint. Simply configure the RAD-SuperMoon as an AVB talker or listener, then use the audio jack as an input or output.

Learn more about the RAD-SuperMoon

See the RAD-SuperMoon in action! Intrepid is a Diamond Sponsor of the  2017 IEEE SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day, 31 October – 2 November 2017, in San Jose, CA.

NOTE: RAD-SuperMoon supply is extremely limited, and certain prerequisites must be met before it can be ordered. Please contact Intrepid for details.

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