IEEE Standards Engagements in Austria address ‘Autonomous Cars for Automated Driving’


Transportation, in particular the automotive industry, is undergoing a radical transformation driven by unprecedented advances of information and communication technologies including machine learning and real-time environmental modeling.

Europe will deploy the first package of Cooperative-ITS Services to enhance road safety in 2019. Road operators and OEMs rely on proven IEEE 802.11p™ standardized technology for short distance ad-hoc communication in the 5.9 GHz spectrum between vehicles and between vehicles and roadside infrastructure.

Automated Driving will be introduced step-by-step based on the functional evolution of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

The IEEE Workshop ‘Autonomous Cars for Automated Driving’ gathered experts and interested stakeholders from industry, academia, and standards organizations.

IEEE SA informed about IEEE standards related work for Intelligent Road Transportation and challenges related to Ethically Aligned Autonomous Systems.

Speakers from academia and industry addressed hot topics like

  • Future Vehicle Control for Automated Driving
  • Digitization of Traffic Control
  • The Role of Road Operators
  • Safety and Real-Time Challenges in Automated Driving

A lively panel discussion highlighted technical challenges, the value of standards and identified needs for future standardization. A key question discussed was whether communication will be essential for future fully automated self-driving cars and the level of autonomy feasible without communication. The panelists also exchanged views about the future role of road operators, mobile network operators, and map service providers.

This workshop was organized with valuable support from the IEEE Austria Section and was part of IEEE SA’s broader engagement with stakeholders in Vienna through meetings and events on relevant topics, such as how to bridge the gap between Open Source and standardization.

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