IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Congratulates IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Transformers Committee on Its 100-Year Anniversary


Committee’s 2018 Spring Meeting Kicks Off with Celebratory Gala Dinner Event

Since their invention, power transformers have been essential for the transmission, distribution, and utilization of alternating current electrical energy, and they continue to have a vital role in current power systems. Achieving state of the art in transformers has been and continues to be a major objective of the IEEE PES Transformers Committee, whose efforts have been elemental in making transformers more efficient and reliable as power generation, transmission and distribution technologies have evolved. Marking a century of achievements, the Committee recently took the opportunity to look back and acknowledge the significant work that has been done over the years and give a nod to some current outstanding individuals whose efforts continue to advance transformer technology in a world with growing energy demands.

The predecessor to the IEEE PES Transformers Committee was launched in 1918 under the auspices of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) Committee of Standardization, created in 1899 as the forerunner to today’s IEEE and tasked with recommending standard practices and definitions for electrical apparatus. The first standalone standard attributed to The IEEE PES Transformers Committee was published in 1925 entitled: AIEE Transformer Standard 13-1925—Standard for Transformers, Induction Regulators and Reactors. To date, the IEEE PES Transformers Committee has been responsible for the publication of 104 standards through the IEEE-Standards Association (IEEE SA).

Not surprisingly, a good deal of the Committee’s efforts has revolved around global standardization development, as well as fostering sound working relationships with other global standards organizations. For example, collaborative efforts with the IEEE SA and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), have resulted in the publication of joint global standards that include:

Work is currently underway on two new joint IEEE/IEC technical standards, as well as a revision to the existing IEEE C57.15/IEC 60076-21—Power Transformers Part 21: Standard Requirements, Terminology, and Test Code for Step-Voltage Regulators.

As part of the night’s ceremony, IEEE SA president Don Wright awarded current IEEE PES Transformers Committee members for outstanding achievements in their respective fields. The recipients and awards bestowed include:

  • Charles W. Johnson, Jr and Bertrand Poulin
    • IEEE SA Standards Medallion Award
  • Hemchandra M. Shertukde
    • IEEE-EAB/IEEE SA Standards Education Award
  • Craig A. Colopy
    • IEEE SA International Award
  • Phil Hopkinson
    • IEEE SA Lifetime Achievement Award

Additionally, Thomas A. Prevost received The IEEE PES Transformers Committee Distinguished Service Award.

According to Wright, “It’s an honor to look back and realize the full breadth of individual effort that has helped advance transformer technology through the years, but also to recognize the ongoing work and dedication of Committee members that continues to drive technology forward through standardization development.”

The gala evening also included a slide presentation by the Committee’s unofficial historian Peter Balma, who had compiled a comprehensive overview of the Committee’s work and achievements up to the present day. Attendees, most who had arrived for the Committee’s 2018 Spring Meeting, were given an historical program booklet as a memento to mark the occasion. After taking some time to reminisce on the past, Committee members rolled up their sleeves the next day and continued their important work in ensuring transformer technology keeps pace with an evolving power generation and storage ecosystem.

To learn more about The IEEE PES Transformers Committee, please visit its home page.

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