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IEEE is returning to SXSW® in 2019! You can help make it happen by voting for our sessions. Simply click the link below to view sessions and vote! To vote, just login to your SXSW account and click the “Vote Up” button. Comments are appreciated too. If you do not have an account, you can easily use your email address to sign up for one!

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Empathetic Technology & the End of the Poker Face

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and radical advancements in sensor technology have moved us from an era of “one size fits most” to an era of customized, personalized technology experiences. Devices of the future will transcend cookie-cutter programming, interpreting our behavior and the signals of our bodies (voice, gaze, body language, pupil dilation, heart rate, body heat and more) to empathetically adapt and respond, enriching our interaction with the world around us. But what will the world be like when our technology knows more about us than we do, revealing our private, internal state? How will we cope with the loss of our “poker face”? Join Dolby’s Poppy Crum for a deep exploration of empathetic technology and how to design for the best interest of humanity.

Extended Intelligence: A New Global Mindset

The sheer pace of digital expansion, automation and AI is overwhelming. Fear of machines advancing beyond our comprehension and control are common. We cannot realize the potential of the partnership between man and machine without trust – and trust cannot be established in an environment of confusion and fear. To honor our values, machines must understand our values. To move past the “man vs. machine” narrative, a new dialog about the human, environmental and economic values that should drive our technologies is required. Join our internationally recognized panel to learn about the Extended Intelligence movement, which seeks to advance technology in a way that honors people, within and as part of the ecological, emotional and spiritual systems that transcend technology.

From Healthcare to HealthCAR: Passenger to Patient

Parallel digital transformations are occurring in the transportation and healthcare industries, inspiring the redefinition patient and passenger experiences. At the intersection of innovation, experts from IEEE and USC’s Center for Body Computing joined forces with designers and engineers from a major automotive manufacturer (TBA) to reimagine the role of autonomous vehicles in supporting health and human safety. This panel will showcase the world’s first, advanced “health car” prototype, demonstrating the use cases that inspired innovation. Learn about the design process and the commonly available sensors, software, medical and non-medical technologies leveraged for design. Join us to discuss the health car of the future and how this innovation may impact your future commute!

Prioritizing Play in an Automated Age

In an increasingly automated, structured, technologically-driven world, it’s getting harder to break out of your own box. When the algorithm of life takes over, it can lead to a homogenized life – absent of spontaneity, inspiration, creativity and adventure. Join John Cohn, Chief Agitator for IBM’s Watson IoT Group and IEEE Fellow as he unlocks the gateway to creativity, innovation and invention. Learn how serious play has taken John from the workbench to the corporate board room, to eating rats on reality TV! See how experimentation, failure, challenge, adventure and fun have deeply influenced his life and career as a pioneering engineer. Learn how prioritizing play will unlock your creative, innovative potential in life and business!

Two Choices for Humanity’s Digital Future

We are living in the fourth Industrial Revolution, a time marked by rapid development of “phygital” technology; which fuses the physical and biological with digital. The sheer speed at which we are collecting and processing open data, big data and personal data to drive technology has put us on course to a new age. The quality of the questions we ask today will determine the world that exists tomorrow. How we decide to harness algorithms, AI and automation will determine whether or not society evolves in the best interest of humanity. Will we enter a digital renaissance where humanity thrives, or a feudalistic new age, marked by prejudice, a loss of freedom and personal control? Join MEECO CEO, Katryna Dow to discuss digital future and how we can engage to influence it for good.

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