IEEE Blockchain Podcast Series – Dr. Bryant Gilot, MD


Part 1 (10:34): Dr. Bryant Gilot, MD and Blockchain Introduction

Part 2 (18:24): Areas Blockchain Will Impact, Blockchain Healthcare Applications

Part 3 (20:10): GDPR Implications, Using Legacy Technologies vs. Blockchain, Building a Trusted Economy, Blockchain As a Change Agent

Part 4 (20:00): Ethical Concerns in Blockchain Design, Next Steps for Blockchain

In the inaugural edition of the “IEEE Blockchain Podcast Series,” Alpesh Shah, Sr. Director, Global Business Strategy and Intelligence for IEEE, sits down with Dr. Bryant Gilot, MD, CMO of Blockchain Health Co., to discuss on what blockchain is, the practical applications on how it can be used, and what is needed to get us there.

Alpesh and Bryant will discuss the impact blockchain technologies will have on 21st century problems such as healthcare management, how the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may impact blockchain, and the ethical concerns of implementing blockchain.

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