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Spirent Communications helps reduce the complexity of Automotive Ethernet testing.

Ethernet as the well-established technology for new and future vehicles is still challenging because of the complexity of testing. Based on the architecture and multiple protocols involved (7-layers of the OSI-model) – engineers are challenged with different test methodologies like Physical layer testing, protocol conformance testing or device- and network performance testing. Security implementations and the careful validation of the functionality with cybersecurity testing reduces the risk of attacks and manipulations.

In the testing process of Live to Lab to Engineer – you need a tool which simulates the behavior of an application, function, device or network, with the ability to investigate the behavior of your device/system/implementation under test under real-world conditions. This process is different from traditional test methodologies. The integration of multiple Ethernet devices and backbone components like switches or gateways into a network will always have different behavior than single components. Just simulating other devices on the application layer (like ECU simulation) only validates the functional layer, but not the network layer. Simulation of best- and worst-case scenarios on the network layer is essential for full validation. Adding a network simulation that incorporates the simulation of switch functionalities, protocol behaviors (like Time Sensitive Networking) or even network behaviors like delay, jitter and packet loss can add to your validation. With Spirent tools like the Automotive ComTT, you are able to combine all described test methodologies in one single test tool, fully automated to reduce the complexity of testing for the engineer.

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