EuroDIG: A Regional Internet Governance Forum


IEEE is pleased to be participating in EuroDIG 2015 as part of our global efforts to connect engineers, scientists and industry leaders in an array of technology and industry domains, with policy experts to help improve the understanding of technology and its implications and impact on IG issues. We will with serving as the focal point on Plenary Two on Privacy and Data Protection in the Emerging World of Big Data and New Services. This session will address new paradigms for privacy in an increasingly connected world and an era of big data, including an examination of open standards, data protection models and privacy in business and innovation, and the session will be held on 4 June at 17:00 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

About EuroDIG
The Pan-European dialogue on Internet governance (EuroDIG) is an open platform for informal and inclusive discussion and exchange on public policy issues related to Internet Governance (IG) between stakeholders from all over Europe. It was created in 2008 by a number of stakeholders representing various European stakeholder groups working in the field of IG. EuroDIG is recognized as a Regional IGF.

Regional and national IGF initiatives follow the principles and practices of open, inclusive, non-commercial and multi-stakeholder participation in both the formulation of the initiative and in any other related events. They provide forums or venues for local or regional and national discussion on the topics and issues related to IG in support of and spirit of IGF.

EuroDIG is a network that is open to stakeholders that are interested in contributing to an open and interactive discussion on IG issues. The purpose of EuroDIG is to provide a venue in which European stakeholders can exchange their views and best practices on issues to be discussed at meetings of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), including the identification of common ground shared by all European stakeholders and highlighting the diversity of experience of the different European stakeholders; and to raise awareness in Europe and among European stakeholders about the relevance and value of multi-stakeholder dialogue.

Regional and national IGFs are focused on issues that face a city, town or country and help people to bring ideas and solutions forward to a global level. With the nature of IG issues today, national and regional IGFs have grown around the globe, generating conversation among all who want a voice in the future of the Internet where they live.

We hope to see you in Sofia!

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