Enjoy Summer Vacation with IEEE Standards


Decorative image of Summer materials. Included is a tablet device, phone, sunglasses, camera, hat, shoes, pants, shirt and backpack.This summer, how can you and your family get from a connected home or office to the beach safely and efficiently? With vehicles that include IEEE transportation standards, you can worry less and relax more.

IEEE standards enable “intelligent” transportation systems that can safely deliver you to your summer destinations by connecting your vehicles to other vehicles, devices, cloud services, infrastructure, points of interest, traffic conditions, and more.

Take Martha and Jim, who are driving with two of their children, and picking up their oldest son along the way, to visit their grandmother in Connecticut.

While on the road, IEEE 802.11™ and IEEE 1609™ standards supply a wide range of applications that include an in-dash navigation system. The system provides road conditions, accident avoidance, and other driving assistance, enabling them to arrive on time to meet their son at the train station.

His trip is supported by IEEE 1473™, a family of standards that are related to communication for rail transit systems, allowing him to arrive safely as well.

In the near future, Martha and Jim can expect their driving experience to be enabled by the IEEE P2040™ series for connected, automated, and intelligent vehicles. That’s when they can relinquish the burden of driving altogether and enjoy the car ride with their children.

IEEE standardization activities for connected vehicle technologies related to transportation include:

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Cooperative, Autonomous and Automated Driving
  • Smart Rail
  • Traffic Safety
  • Electric Vehicles and Transportation Electrification

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