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The 2022 IEEE SA Standards Fellowship Program Welcomed The Largest Class of Participants to Explore and Engage with Standards Development


This year, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) welcomed its largest class of IEEE SA Standards Fellowship Program participants to remotely attend and interact with experts participating in the December IEEE SA Standards Board meeting series.  

Each year, IEEE SA invites colleagues from national and regional standards bodies and affiliated government ministries to join its Standards Fellowship Program. To date, we have welcomed over 77 professionals from 37 countries.

Typically held in parallel with the IEEE SA Standards Board meetings, participants in this program have an extraordinary opportunity to get exposed to standardization-related topics, developments, and issues; network with industry and standardization experts; strengthen relationships with IEEE and other standards bodies or ministries; and gain knowledge about the IEEE standards development ecosystem. 

“Each and every topic included information that was relevant and applicable to my work. I appreciated the chance to participate in the meetings and was able to learn how to conduct productive standards meetings.”

– Monica Okoth, KEBS Kenya

The 2022 IEEE SA Standards Fellowship Program participants came from Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Romania, Rwanda, Spain, and Uganda representing their national standards bodies to learn more about IEEE SA and its standards development process.  

Each of the participants identified areas where they needed help relevant to standards development, including:

  • Understanding technology innovation and implementation
  • Getting input from local industries
  • Knowledge and awareness of new technologies to address the rapid pace of technological evolution
  • Accessing standards and ensuring that they are at the forefront of national policy development.

“Illuminating sessions that demystified the IEEE publications [standards] development for me.”

– Daniel Kitui, KEBS Kenya

The IEEE SA Standards Fellowship participants also attended sessions presented by IEEE SA experts and volunteers to learn more about the standards development work underway at IEEE SA around their topical areas of interest:

  • Digital Inclusion, Identity, Trust, and Agency
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Manufacturing
  • Transport and Mobility
  • Telecommunications and Connectivity

The IEEE SA Standards Fellowship program participants conducted a Roundtable session where they discussed among  themselves approaches to navigating the standards development process using their national experiences to frame gaps and gain deeper understanding of the global standardization landscape in the context of what they learned during the information sessions held during the program.

The participants also had  the opportunity to observe the IEEE SA Standards Board and its Committees to see firsthand how the IEEE SA standards development governance process works.

“The participation gave me a memorable experience. I learnt more about the standards development process and adoptions.”

– Daisy Chepkwony, KEBS Kenya

IEEE SA would like to congratulate its 2022 IEEE SA Standards Fellowship participants!

  • Alphonse Kanyandekwe, RSB Rwanda
  • Ashok Kumar, BIS India
  • Cristina Popa, ASRO Romania
  • Daisy Chepkwony, KEBS Kenya
  • Daniel Kitui, KEBS Kenya
  • Eric Hagenimana, RSB Rwanda
  • Hafijur Rahman, a2i Bangladesh
  • John Kyazze, UNBS Uganda
  • Miguel Aranda, UNE Spain 
  • Monica Okoth, KEBS Kenya 
  • Rashed Musharaf, a2i Bangladesh
  • Regis Tuyishime, RSB Rwanda
  • Tanvir Quader, a2i Bangladesh

…and guests:

  • Sumit Dev Nath, Young Professional, a2i Bangladesh
  • Tasnim Sultana, Young Professional, a2i Bangladesh

“We enjoyed open discussions, understanding a transparent and user-oriented model with other worldwide colleagues”

– Miguel Aranda, UNE Spain


  • Karen Mulberry, Public Affairs Senior Manager, IEEE SA

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