Congratulations Wi-Trek Contest Winners!


wi-trekIn celebration of the 25th Anniversary of IEEE 802.11®, gamers tried their luck at Wi-Trek, where the player had to catch Wi-Fi® signals with a mobile device.

Congratulations to our two random winners:  Cyril G. from Santa Clara, CA and Chester M. from Robertsdale, AL.  The two winners were chosen randomly from a pool of over 340 entries.

Cyril G added, “I am a Wireless guy with 15+ years’ experience in wireless circuits/systems covering Aerospace, Consumer, and Industrial sectors and multiple technologies – GSM, DECT, WDCT, BT, GNSS and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac.  But, no other technology has had such profound impact as Wi-Fi….with speeds exceeding 1Gbps, MU-MIMO and such……it’s the future and it’s here to stay. It has improved our productivity greatly.”

Once again, congratulations Cyril and Chester!

The contest may be over, but you can still play Wi-Trek at

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