Advancing HealthTech for Humanity during National Healthcare IT Week (and beyond)


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With it being National Health IT Week, what better topics to touch on than blockchain and healthcare!

Blockchain is everywhere. No matter where you look, and who you speak to these days, the expected implications of the technology are considered to be game changing – and rightfully so. With the ability to impact the way we trust, anonymize, identify and engage through the distributed ledger technology, the applications can span far and wide with potentially positive results across various sectors. Examples include – greater patient autonomy and ownership in their information; addressing counterfeiting in the supply chain; transactive energy; counterfeit management; considerations towards a potentially trust-worthy IoT; and hundreds of other applications.

In order to realize these outcomes, we need to get beyond the hype and better cultivate an understanding of and accessibility to the technology; and the necessary hands-on expertise with greater scale. With this, the opportunity to innovate using the distributed ledger technology today and develop impactful applications across a variety of industries and across a number of value chains becomes much more feasible.

The Advancing HealthTech for Humanity Virtual Blockchain Workshop,(September 22nd – October 21st) targets to support this through a first of its kind, innovative virtual workshop focused on increasing blockchain awareness and skills to make progress towards critical challenges in healthcare today. With expertise on the technology and on the challenges available to offer participants guidance across the journey, the outcomes for all could be very promising. The most impactful submissions will also be noted at the IEEE Computer Society’s Rock Stars of Emerging Technologies event in the Silicon Beach area in Southern California. It is worth noting that in order to allow for greater accessibility, the workshop organizers have agreed to make this a no fee event for participants; and the equally as such for in-kind platform and problem sponsors.

To learn more about our sponsoring experts, platforms and challenges, or to sign up to participate today – visit us at

Interested in showcasing your platform? Have a great healthcare challenge to address via blockchain? Get involved and make a difference today.

  • If you are a blockchain platform with an interest in providing our virtual workshop participants the ability to learn about the technology and use your platform to make a potential impact contact Lloyd Green at [email protected].
  • If you have an identified healthcare sector challenge and personally have expertise in the topic or know someone that does, please contact Albert Waldhuber at [email protected]

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