Achieving the Promise of Digital Technology for Healthcare


Digital technology is drawing closer to our bodies via wearables, prosthetics and other medical devices. While the promise is of better care, the security implications become even greater.  In a recent contribution to Medical Design Technology Magazine, Creating a Culture of Trust in Digitally Enabled Patient Care, Dr. Leslie Saxon with the USC Center for Body Computing and Beau Woods with the Atlantic Council share the importance of creating trust and confidence in patient care delivered digitally.

Digitally enabled patient care has the potential to reach people worldwide all with enormous cost savings. It can provide a more holistic, continuous model of care with the promise of early detection and even prevention of ailments and diseases. However, attaining this promise of better healthcare requires a safer, trusted ecosystem developed collaboratively by cybersecurity experts, clinicians, patient advocates and regulators.

Beau Woods, Leslie Saxon and Michael Chertoff will provide insight on body computing security at the annual SXSW Conference, 9-18 March 2018 in Austin, TX. The session, Body Computing Security & Human Safety, is included in the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series at SXSW.

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