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Cloud Standardization
The Institute, 17 January 2014

Video discusses the role of standards in cloud computing

In our story "Bringing Cooperation to Cloud Computing," you’ll learn about how one IEEE project is working to make it easier to use multiple cloud systems. In this video, you’ll hear from industry experts who share their views on the role of standards in enabling this expanded realm of possibility. The video was produced by the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative.

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Experts Debate for an Open Web
Open-Stand, 16 January 2014

#TheOpenAgenda was launched last September at Campus Party Europe in London, with the goal of accelerating the adoption of open standards and ethos across three key areas – web, data and innovation. The first phase of the campaign brings together leading thinkers to focus on the future of the World Wide Web.

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Social Media, Standards & You
IEEE Standards Education e-Magazine, 3rd Quarter 2013
By Karen Bartleson and Sydney Burns

A critical part of maintaining a well-rounded education includes employing self-education techniques. Though there is an array of content circulating the web concerning engineering and standards, below you will find some hidden gems to add to your collection of self-education materials. By being involved in the current conversations on these sites, you can become an active member of the community. Social media today is viewed as a tool to connect young and experienced professionals to the world around them, and become more involved in their industry than ever before. Commenting on videos, articles, and forums is highly encouraged, although simply consuming content for yourself is beneficial too. Due to the wide spectrum of topics covered in these publications, there is always something valuable for everyone. Here are some excellent portals for self-education on standards and related topics:

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Where Worldwide Collaboration for IoT Innovation Is Happening

by Admin| Wed, 11 Nov 2015

By Oleg Logvinov, chair of the IEEE P2413™ Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things (IoT) Working Group, chair of the IEEE Internet Initiative, chair of the industry engagement track for the IEEE IoT Initiative and director, special assignments, for STMicroelectronics’ Industrial and Power Conversion Division There are many reasons that the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is […]
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The Mission-Critical Operation of Sending Halloween Pics to Grandma

by Admin| Thu, 29 Oct 2015

Halloween kicks off a time of heightened multimedia sharing, as families and groups of friends eagerly send images and videos of the day’s activities via social media directly to loved ones. These days we take for granted all of the underlying systems that make this multimedia frenzy possible, but it’s fascinating to recognize not only […]
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IEEE Standards Education at Case Western Reserve University’s Engineering Standards Workshop

by Admin| Thu, 29 Oct 2015

On September 2, 2015, Howard Wolfman, recipient of the IEEE Centennial Medal and the IEEE Millennium Medal and Founder and Principal of Lumispec Consulting, represented IEEE Standards Education to an audience of over 150 at the first-ever Engineering Standards Workshop held at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio. Joined by panelists from CWRU, […]
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IEEE Standards Association and the University of Southern California Co-Sponsor Hackathon

by jiorio| Wed, 21 Oct 2015

By Jay Iorio, Innovation Director, IEEE Standards Association University of Southern California (USC)’s Keck School of Medicine and Institute for Creative Technologies, with participants from a variety of locations on and off the USC campus, joined forces with IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) for a two-day hackathon called “Hacking Virtual Medicine,” the results of which will be announced at the […]
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IoT Interoperability Requires Security

by Admin| Wed, 16 Sep 2015

By Walter Pienciak, Senior Manager, Strategic Programs, IEEE Standards Association As Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives spin up around the globe, the race is on. And building from a foundation that isn’t going to require short-term retooling is critical for continued success of your effort. Privacy and security have emerged as key requirements for IoT. […]
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Utilities & Augmented Reality: Challenges, Opportunities and Standards

by Admin| Wed, 02 Sep 2015

By Rudi Schubert, Director, New Initiatives, IEEE Standards Association Interest in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions continues to grow across many industry segments. The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) recently co-sponsored the Augmented Reality in Leading Utilities (ARLU) workshop hosted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) at their Charlotte, NC facilities on 27-28 July 2015. ARLU was […]
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IEEE 1264™ Guides Utilities in Mitigating Animal Intrusions to Increase Grid Reliability

by Admin| Tue, 25 Aug 2015

By John Randolph, Chair, IEEE 1264 Working Group Many people may not realize that animals can be a leading cause of electricity outages, which has an adverse impact on overall electric grid reliability. In fact, most electric utilities have experienced the problem of animal intrusions into electric supply substations, which has resulted in equipment damage, […]
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26 October 2015

New PARs

  • P2025.1 (CES/SC) Standard for Consumer Drones: Taxonomy and Definitions
  • P2025.2 (CES/SC) Standard for Consumer Drones: Privacy and Security
  • P1732 (DEI/SC) Recommended Practice For Space Charge Measurements In High Voltage Direct Current Extruded Cables For Rated Voltages Up To 550 kV
  • P2660.1 (IES/IES) Recommended Practices on Industrial Agents: Integration of Software Agents and Low Level Automation Functions
  • P287.2 (IM/HFM) Recommended Practice for Precision Coaxial Connectors at RF, Microwave and Millimeter-wave Frequencies - Part 2: Test Procedures
  • P287.3 (IM/HFM) Recommended Practice for Precision Coaxial Connectors at RF, Microwave and Millimeter-wave Frequencies - Part 3: Connector Effects, Uncertainty Specifications and Recommendations for Performance
  • P1765 (MTT/SCC) Recommended Practice for Estimating the Uncertainty In Measurements of Modulated Signals for Wireless Communications with Application to Error Vector Magnitude and Other System-Level Distortion Metrics
  • P1770 (MTT/SCC) Recommended Practice for the Usage of Terms Commonly Employed In the Field of Large-Signal Vector Network Analysis
  • PC37.30.1a (PE/SWG) Standard Requirements for AC High-Voltage Air Switches Rated Above 1000 V Amendment
  • PC37.30.5 (PE/SWG) Standard for Definitions for AC High-Voltage Air Switches Rated Above 1000 V
  • PC57.12.70-2011/Cor 1 (PE/TR) Standard Terminal Markings and Connections for Distribution and Power Transformers - Corrigendum 1: Correction of Annex Figures A.6, A.7, and A.14

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P1652 (COM/SDB) Standard for Translating Head and Torso Simulator Measurements from Eardrum to Other Acoustic Reference Points
  • P125 (PE/ED&PG) Recommended Practice for Preparation of Equipment Specifications for Speed-Governing of Hydraulic Turbines Intended to Drive Electric Generators
  • P433 (PE/EM) Recommended Practice for Insulation Testing of AC Electric Machinery with High Voltage Rating up to 30 kV at Very Low Frequency
  • P1122 (PE/PSIM) Standard for Digital Recorders for Measurements in High-Voltage and High-Current Impulse Tests
  • PC37.242 (PE/PSR) Guide for Synchronization, Calibration, Testing, and Installation of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) for Power System Protection and Control
  • P81 (PE/SUB) Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedance, and Earth Surface Potentials of a Grounding System

Modified PARs

  • P287.1 (IM/HFM) Standard for Precision Coaxial Connectors at RF, Microwave and Millimeter-wave Frequencies - Part 1: General Requirements, Definitions, and Detailed Specifications

New Standards

  • 802.3bw (C/LM) Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for 100 Mb/s Operation over a Single Balanced Twisted Pair Cable (100BASE-T1)
  • 29119-4 (C/S2ESC) International Standard for Software and Systems Engineering - Software Testing - Part 4: Test Techniques
  • 400.4 (PE/IC) Guide for Field-Testing of Shielded Power Cable Systems Rated 5kV and Above with Damped Alternating Current Voltage (DAC)
  • 1707 (PE/NPE) Recommended Practice for the Investigation of Events at Nuclear Facilities
  • 62582-2-am1 (PE/NPE) IEC/IEEE Nuclear Power Plants - Instrumentation and Control Important to Safety - Electrical Equipment Condition Monitoring Methods - Part 2: Indenter Modulus Amendment 1
  • C57.130 (PE/TR) Guide for the Use of Dissolved Gas Analysis Applied to Factory Temperature Rise Tests for the Evaluation of Mineral Oil-Immersed Transformers and Reactors
  • C57.157 (PE/TR) Guide for Conducting Functional Life Tests on Switch Contacts Used in Insulating Liquid Transformers

Revision Standards

  • 810 (PE/ED&PG) Standard for Hydraulic Turbine and Generator Shaft Couplings and Shaft Runout Tolerances
  • 1106 (PE/SB) Recommended Practice for Installation, Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Vented Nickel-Cadmium Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • C57.637 (PE/TR) Guide for the Reclamation of Mineral Insulating Oil and Criteria for Its Use

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