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Standards for Greener Information and Communication Technology
The Institute, 21 March 2016

More than 50 IEEE standards in five groups—many of them listed above—are helping make information and communication technology more energy-efficient and produce less amounts of greenhouse gases…

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Lack of Technology Standards Presents Significant Cost Issues in Travel Industry
Open-Stand, May 11th, 2016

Have you ever purchased an airline ticket or booked hotel reservations through an online travel agency (OTA)? The speed and convenience through which a business trip or vacation can be scheduled using online services were a welcome surprise for those of us who remember the hassle of arranging such accommodations in a pre-web era. Still, the convenience offered by OTA’s does not come without a cost…

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IoT Security Standards – Paving the Way For Customer Confidence
Standards UniversityFebruary 29, 2016
With the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the IoT has moved beyond the initial hype phase and even past the phase of early deployments into what I call the “parental awareness phase”. That is to say, my parents, both of whom…

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IEEE P2413™ Engaging Startups in Advancing IoT Technologies

by Guest Contributor| Tue, 12 Sep 2017

Standard project helping establish a reference architecture for IoT gaining ground The IEEE is actively engaging with startup companies exploring emerging IoT technologies and encouraging their participation in the development of IEEE P2413—Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things (IoT). Beyond Standards recently caught up with one IoT Analytics startup company to

The post IEEE P2413™ Engaging Startups in Advancing IoT Technologies appeared first on Beyond Standards.

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Why You Need an Active Tap for Automotive Ethernet

by Beyond Standards| Mon, 11 Sep 2017

Many automotive architectures are moving toward Ethernet-based vehicle networks to increase bandwidth and provide the latest features customers demand, such as infotainment, safety, connectivity, and autonomous functions. However, many in the automotive industry are accustomed to other vehicle networks which can simply be monitored with a single connection such as an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port.

The post Why You Need an Active Tap for Automotive Ethernet appeared first on Beyond Standards.

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ANSI/IEEE Release New C63 Standard and Standard Revisions

by Guest Contributor| Thu, 24 Aug 2017

In a world of ubiquitous electrical devices and the ever-increasing demand for wireless connectivity, overcoming electromagnetic interference and its possible negative impacts have standards bodies pursuing solutions to alleviate growing concerns, as well as to ensure conformity to government rules and regulations. The IEEE Beyond Standards blog recently caught up with Dan Hoolihan, IEEE volunteer

The post ANSI/IEEE Release New C63 Standard and Standard Revisions appeared first on Beyond Standards.

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Bringing a Global Industry Perspective to Standards Development

by Guest Contributor| Tue, 15 Aug 2017

By IEEE Standards Association Corporate Advisory Group It’s well understood that standardization efforts–from identifying standards needs to building consensus on standards projects through to a standard being published—are closely aligned with companies vested in advancing technology to bring new products and services to market in their respective areas of interest and expertise. The IEEE Standards

The post Bringing a Global Industry Perspective to Standards Development appeared first on Beyond Standards.

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How IEEE is Leading the Way on Ethical Machine Design

by Guest Contributor| Mon, 14 Aug 2017

Everyday we interact with tens, if not hundreds, of machines.  Machines wake us, make our coffee, entertain us, get us to work and back, and lull us to sleep. We count on machines to bring value to our lives, but how confident should we be in the values instilled in the machines we value the

The post How IEEE is Leading the Way on Ethical Machine Design appeared first on Beyond Standards.

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At the Intersection of Technology and Ethics

by Guest Contributor| Fri, 11 Aug 2017

Unless we radically shift our technology base, we cannot sustain people with the quality of life that we have in the developed world … if they all have this resource footprint. That’s just a matter of simple mathematics. An IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Board of Governors Forum in Dublin, Ireland, on 17 May 2017 convened

The post At the Intersection of Technology and Ethics appeared first on Beyond Standards.

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Here is how technology is helping neurologists slow down dementia in older adults

by Guest Contributor| Wed, 09 Aug 2017

The diagnosis of dementia is traumatic both for the patient and the patient’s family as it means incorporation of several changes in lifestyle; and it may also result in severe symptoms that might deteriorate many of the patient’s abilities to perform his day to day tasks. RELATED: IEEE Announces IT Healthcare Standard and New Projects

The post Here is how technology is helping neurologists slow down dementia in older adults appeared first on Beyond Standards.

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IEEE @ SXSW 2018!

by Guest Contributor| Tue, 08 Aug 2017

IEEE is returning to SXSW in 2018! You can help make it happen by voting for our sessions. Simply click the link below to view sessions and vote! To vote, just login to your SXSW account and click the “Vote Up” button. Comments are appreciated too. If you do not have an account, you can

The post IEEE @ SXSW 2018! appeared first on Beyond Standards.

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Advancing Technology For the Benefit of Humanity – A Closer Look at LVDC

by Guest Contributor| Thu, 03 Aug 2017

The availability of electric power and its ability to drive economic productivity is a long-established characteristic of developed nations. Access to electricity, however, is far from universal. According to the International Energy Agency’s World Outlook 2016, 1.186 billion people around the world lack electricity and its benefits. About one-sixth of the world’s population, particularly in

The post Advancing Technology For the Benefit of Humanity – A Closer Look at LVDC appeared first on Beyond Standards.

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IEEE Blockchain Podcast Series – Leemon Baird

by Guest Contributor| Fri, 21 Jul 2017

In our latest podcast, Alpesh Shah, Senior Director, Global Business Strategy and Intelligence for IEEE, sits down with Leemon Baird, Co-Founder & CTO of Swirlds. Alpesh and Leemon will discuss the the future of distributed technologies, most notably blockchain.

The post IEEE Blockchain Podcast Series – Leemon Baird appeared first on Beyond Standards.

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15 June 2017

New PARs

  • P2418 (BOG/CAG) Standard for the Framework of Blockchain Use in Internet of Things (IoT)
  • P2755.1 (BOG/CAG) Taxonomy and Classification for Software Based Intelligent Process Automation (SBIPA) Technology
  • P7130 (BOG/CAG) Standard for Quantum Computing Definitions
  • P802.21-2017/Cor 1 (C/LM) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Part 21: Media Independent Services Framework - Corrigendum 1: Clarification of Parameter Definition in Group Session Key Derivation
  • P42030 (C/2ESC) Standard for Systems and Software Engineering - Architecture Evaluation
  • P2900 (CES/SC) Standard for Smart Home Security: Overview and Architecture
  • P2900.1 (CES/SC) Standard for Smart Home Security: Taxonomy and Definitions
  • P1901.1.1 (COM/PLC) Standard Test Procedures for IEEE 1901.1 Standard for Medium Frequency (less than 15 MHz) Power Line Communications for Smart Grid Applications
  • P11073-10428 (EMB/11073) Health Informatics - Personal Health Device Communication - Device Specialization - Electronic Stethoscope
  • P1595 (PE/PSCC) Standard for Testing and Performance for Optical Phase Conductor (OPPC) for Use on Electrical Utility Power Lines
  • P2426 (PE/PSIM) Guide for Field Measurement of Fast-Front and Very Fast-Front Overvoltages in Electric Power System
  • P2771 (PE/SPDHV) Guide for Parameter Configuration of Arcing Horns of DC Earth Electrode Lines
  • PC37.75 (PE/SWG) Standard for Pad-Mounted, Pole-Mounted and Submersible Switchgear Enclosures and Associated Control Enclosures - Coastal and Non-Coastal Environmental Integrity
  • P1872.2 (RAS/SC) Standard for Autonomous Robotics (AuR) Ontology
  • P7008 (RAS/SC) Standard for Ethically Driven Nudging for Robotic, Intelligent and Autonomous Systems
  • P7009 (RS/SC) Standard for Fail-Safe Design of Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Systems
  • P1528.6 (SASB/SCC39) Recommended Practice for Computational Techniques to Determine the Power Density of the Electromagnetic Field Associated with Human Exposure to Wireless Devices and Network Equipment, 6 GHz to 100 GHz
  • P2510 (SEN/SC) Standard for Establishing Quality of Data Sensor Parameters in the Internet of Things Environment
  • P7010 (SMC/SC) Wellbeing Metrics Standard for Ethical Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems
  • P1609.2b (VT/ITS) Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments - Security Services for Applications and Management Messages Amendment

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P1003.1 (C/PA) Standard for Information Technology - Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX(R))
  • P24748-3 (C/S2ESC) Systems and Software Engineering-Life Cycle Management-Part 3: Guidelines for the Application of ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 (Software Life Cycle Processes)
  • P1523 (DEI/SC) Guide for the Application, Maintenance, and Evaluation of Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) Silicone Rubber Coatings for Outdoor Ceramic Insulators
  • PC37.011 (PE/SWG) Guide for the Application of Transient Recovery Voltage for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers with Rated Maximum Voltage above 1000 V
  • P1453 (PE/T&D) Voltage Fluctuations\Flicker Standard for the Analysis of Fluctuating Power Installations on Power Systems
  • PC57.123 (PE/TR) Guide for Transformer Loss Measurement
  • PC57.124 (PE/TR) Recommended Practice for the Detection of Partial Discharge and the Measurement of Apparent Charge in Dry-Type Transformers

Modified PARs

  • PC57.160 (PE/TR) Guide for the Electrical Measurement of Partial Discharges in High Voltage Bushings and Instrument Transformers

Withdrawn PARs

  • P802.1ARce (C/LM) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Secure Device Identity Amendment 1: SHA-384 and P-384 Elliptic Curve
  • P802.15.4-2011/Cor 1 (C/LM) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Part 15.4: Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (LR-WPANs) - Corrigendum 1
  • P1514 (SASB/SCC20) Recommended Practice for the Design and Integration of Fixtures Applied to Generic Test Interfaces of Automatic Test Systems

New Standards

  • 2755 (BOG/CAG) IEEE Draft Guide to Terms and Concepts in Intelligent Process Automation
  • 802c (C/LM) IEEE Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Overview and Architecture - Amendment: Local Medium Access Control (MAC) Address Usage
  • 62271-37-013-2015/Cor 1 (PE/SWG) IEEE/IEC Draft International Standard for High-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Part 37-013: Alternating Current Generator Circuit Breakers/Corrigendum 1

Revision Standards

  • 24765 (C/S2ESC) ISO/IEC/IEEE Draft Systems and Software Engineering – Vocabulary
  • 26513 (C/S2ESC) ISO/IEC/IEEE International Draft Standard - Systems and Software Engineering - Requirements for Testers and Reviewers of User Documentation
  • 2700 (EDS/MEMS) IEEE Draft Standard for Sensor Performance Parameter Definitions
  • 1668 (IAS/PSE) IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Voltage Sag and Short Interruption Ride-Through Testing for End-Use Electrical Equipment Rated Less than 1000 V
  • 741 (PE/NPE) IEEE Draft Standard Criteria for the Protection of Class 1E Power Systems and Equipment in Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • C57.12.36 (PE/TR) IEEE Draft Standard Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution Substation Transformers
  • C57.12.58 (PE/TR) IEEE Draft Guide for Conducting a Transient Voltage Analysis of a Dry-Type Transformer Coil
  • C57.140 (PE/TR) IEEE Draft Guide for Evaluation and Reconditioning of Liquid Immersed Power Transformers

Extension Request

New Industry Connections Activity Approval

  • IC17-008-01 PLC-IoT Interoperability and Compliance Testing
  • IC17-010-01 Automotive Emerging Technology Initiative

Renew/ Revised Industry Connections Activity Approval

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