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Standards for Greener Information and Communication Technology
The Institute, 21 March 2016

More than 50 IEEE standards in five groups—many of them listed above—are helping make information and communication technology more energy-efficient and produce less amounts of greenhouse gases…

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Lack of Technology Standards Presents Significant Cost Issues in Travel Industry
Open-Stand, May 11th, 2016

Have you ever purchased an airline ticket or booked hotel reservations through an online travel agency (OTA)? The speed and convenience through which a business trip or vacation can be scheduled using online services were a welcome surprise for those of us who remember the hassle of arranging such accommodations in a pre-web era. Still, the convenience offered by OTA’s does not come without a cost…

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IoT Security Standards – Paving the Way For Customer Confidence
Standards UniversityFebruary 29, 2016
With the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the IoT has moved beyond the initial hype phase and even past the phase of early deployments into what I call the “parental awareness phase”. That is to say, my parents, both of whom…

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Conversation Starter: Ethics and Augmented Reality

by Admin| Tue, 25 Oct 2016

Technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are emerging today in fields such as healthcare with wearables opening a new channel of data for patient care and research and consumer electronics with smart fridges, thermostats and other connected, programmable appliances. Now imagine a future where these technologies work […]
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IEEE Formally Launches IEEE Standards University

by Admin| Tue, 18 Oct 2016

Joint program of IEEE Standards Association and IEEE Educational Activities Board offers comprehensive standards education worldwide It’s a given that standards and standards development are elemental to an engineering education, as they play a critical role in driving innovation, adding value to product design and development, and making a global impact in advancing technology. In […]
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Advancing HealthTech for Humanity during National Healthcare IT Week (and beyond)

by Admin| Mon, 26 Sep 2016

#AHT4H #VBlockchain #IEEESA With it being National Health IT Week, what better topics to touch on than blockchain and healthcare! Blockchain is everywhere. No matter where you look, and who you speak to these days, the expected implications of the technology are considered to be game changing – and rightfully so. With the ability to […]
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by Admin| Thu, 22 Sep 2016

Japanese Consortium Accepts IEEE 802.21™ for ECHONET Lite Home Networking Specification The ECHONET Consortium and IEEE have announced a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to utilize IEEE 802.21™ in the ongoing development of the ECHONET Lite specification, a protocol compatible with ubiquitous Internet connectivity. In Japan, the ECHONET Lite specification is already compatible with more […]
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IEEE Standards Association Participates in Making the Future at IEEE Technology Time Machine 2016

by Admin| Tue, 20 Sep 2016

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is a platinum patron and will be speaking at the upcoming IEEE Technology Time Machine (IEEE TTM) symposium on 20-21 October 2016 in San Diego, California. IEEE Future Directions’ flagship conference on future technology directions, IEEE TTM will bring together renowned experts from research and industry to explore how technology […]
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California’s Push for Managing Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

by Admin| Thu, 15 Sep 2016

By James Mater, General Manager, Smart Grid QualityLogic, Inc and Member, Gridwise Architecture Council Chair, Smart Grid NW and Rudi Schubert, Director – New Initiatives IEEE Standards Association It was a significant step forward for grid modernization—certainly in California but quite likely in other states and regions of the world, as well—when the California Public […]
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The Value and Process of Creating Standards: CIS Develops its First Standard

by Admin| Wed, 14 Sep 2016

By Justine Speck, IEEE Technical Activities This article originally appeared in The Society Sentinel, An IEEE Technical Activities newsletter. Earlier this year, the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) completed its first standard, IEEE 1855™, which is based on the Fuzzy Markup Language technology introduced by Giovanni Acampora, Associate Professor at University of Naples Federico II, […]
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22 September 2016

New PARs

  • P802.3.2 (C/LM) Standard for Ethernet YANG Data Model Definitions
  • P2675 (C/S2ESC) DevOps - Standard for Building Reliable and Secure Systems Including Application Build, Package and Deployment
  • P42020 (C/S2ESC) Standard for Systems and Software Engineering -- Architecture Processes
  • P1680.2a (C/SAB) Standard for Environmental Assessment of Imaging Equipment Amendment 1
  • P1680.3a (C/SAB) Standard for Environmental Assessment of Televisions Amendment 1
  • P1901.1 (COM/PLC) Standard for Medium Frequency (less than 15 MHz) Power Line Communications for Smart Grid Applications
  • P1918.1.1 (COM/SDB) Haptic Codecs for the Tactile Internet
  • P1921.1 (COM/SDB) Standard for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Bootstrapping Procedures
  • P1897 (EMC/SDC) Recommended Practice for the Resolution of Power-Line Gap-Noise Reports
  • P2760 (PE/ED&PG) Guide for Wind Power Plant Collector System Design for Personnel Safety
  • P2460 (PE/NPE) Nuclear Facilities - Instrumentation Important To Safety - Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation
  • PC93.5 (PE/PSC) Standard for Power Line Carrier Transmitter/Receiver Equipment used to Transfer Discrete Teleprotection Signals
  • PC62.42.6 (PE/SPDLV) Guide for the Application of Surge-Protective Components in Surge Protective Devices and Equipment Ports - Part 6 High Frequency Signal Isolation Transformers
  • PC62.69a (PE/SPDLV) Standard for the Surge Parameters of Isolating Transformers Used in Networking Devices and Equipment Amendment: Addition of Clause 4.5 Saturated Core Secondary Winding Parameters
  • P1704 (SASB/SCC31) Standard for Utility Industry End Device Communications Module

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P802.1Q (C/LM) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks--Bridges and Bridged Networks
  • P26512 (C/S2ESC) /ISO/IEC Standard for Systems and Software Engineering -- Requirements for Acquirers and Suppliers of Information for Users
  • P42010 (C/S2ESC) /ISO/IEC Standard for Systems and Software Engineering -- Architecture Description
  • P11073-10201 (EMB/11073) Health Informatics - Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication - Domain Information Model
  • P11073-10406 (EMB/11073) Health Informatics--Personal Health Device Communication Part 10406: Device Specialization--Basic Electrocardiograph (ECG) (1- to 3-lead ECG)
  • P11073-10419 (EMB/11073) Health Informatics- Personal Health Device Communication- Part 10419: Device Specialization- Insulin Pump
  • P11073-10425 (EMB/11073) Health Informatics--Personal Health Device Communication - Part 10425: Device Specialization--Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)
  • P11073-10471 (EMB/11073) Health Informatics--Personal Health Device Communication Part 10471: Device Specialization--Independent Living Activity Hub
  • P421.5 (PE/ED&PG) Recommended Practice for Excitation System Models for Power System Stability Studies
  • P1665 (PE/EM) Guide for the Rewind of Synchronous Generators, 50 Hz and 60 Hz, Rated 1 MVA and Above
  • P1812 (PE/EM) Guide for Testing Permanent Magnet Machines
  • P336 (PE/NPE) Recommended Practice for Installation, Inspection, and Testing for Class 1E Power, Instrumentation, and Control Equipment at Nuclear Facilities
  • P762 (PE/PSACE) Standard Definitions for Use in Reporting Electric Generating Unit Reliability, Availability, and Productivity
  • P1188 (PE/SB) Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • P1657 (PE/SB) Recommended Practice for Personnel Qualifications for Installation and Maintenance of Stationary Batteries
  • P1660 (PE/SB) Guide for Application and Management of Stationary Batteries Used in Cycling Service
  • P998 (PE/SUB) Guide for Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of Substations
  • P957 (PE/T&D) Guide for Monitoring, Managing and Cleaning of Contaminated Insulators
  • P1654 (PE/T&D) Guide for RF Protection of Personnel Working in the Vicinity of Wireless Communications Antennas Attached to Electric Power Line Structures
  • PC57.12.34 (PE/TR) Standard Requirements for Pad-Mounted, Compartmental-Type, Self-Cooled, Three-Phase Distribution Transformers, 10 MVA and Smaller; High-Voltage, 34.5 kV Nominal System Voltage and Below; Low-Voltage, 15 kV Nominal System Voltage and Below
  • P260.1 (SASB/SCC14) Standard Letter Symbols for Units of Measurement (SI Units, Customary Inch-Pound Units, and Certain Other Units)
  • P260.4 (SASB/SCC14) Standard Letter Symbols and Abbreviations for Quantities Used in Acoustics
  • P280 (SASB/SCC14) Standard Letter Symbols for Quantities Used in Electrical Science and Electrical Engineering
  • P1541 (SASB/SCC14) Standard for Prefixes for Binary Multiples
  • PC95.4 (SASB/SCC39) Recommended Practice for Determining Safe Distances From Radio Frequency Transmitting Antennas When Using Electric Blasting Caps During Explosive Operations

Modified PARs

  • P802.3cb (C/LM) Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for 2.5 Gb/s and 5 Gb/s Operation over Backplane
  • P802.15.7 (C/LM) Standard for Short-Range Optical Wireless Communications
  • P3333.2.2 (C/SAB) Standard for Three-Dimensional (3D) Medical Visualization
  • P3333.2.3 (C/SAB) Standard for Three-Dimensional (3D) Medical Data Management
  • P3333.2.4 (C/SAB) Standard for Three-Dimensional (3D) Medical Simulation
  • P3333.2.5 (C/SAB) Standard for Bio-CAD File Format for Medical Three-Dimensional (3D) Printing
  • P1588 (IM/ST) Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems
  • P433 (PE/EM) Recommended Practice for Insulation Testing of AC Electric Machinery with High Voltage Rating up to 30 kV at Very Low Frequency
  • PC62.59 (PE/SPDLV) Standard for Test Methods and Preferred Values for Silicon PN-Junction Clamping Diodes
  • PC37.20.7 (PE/SWG) Guide for Testing Switchgear Rated Up to 52 kV for Internal Arcing Faults

Withdrawn PARs

  • P1622.1 (C/VSSC) Standard for Voter Registration Data Interchange Format
  • P1622.2 (C/VSSC) Standard for Election Results Reporting Data Interchange Format
  • P11073-20601a (EMB/11073) Health Informatics--Personal Health Device Communication - Part 20601: Application Profile- Optimized Exchange Protocol Amendment 1
  • P3000 (IAS/TBCC) Recommended Practice for the Engineering of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

New Standards

  • 1858 (BOG/CAG) IEEE Draft Standard for Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ)
  • 1898 (BOG/CAG) IEEE Draft Standard for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Composite Post Insulators
  • 1849 (CIS/SC) IEEE Draft Standard for XES - eXtensible Event Stream - For Achieving Interoperability in Event Logs and Event Streams
  • 802.3bn (C/LM) IEEE Draft Standard for Ethernet - Amendment: Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for Ethernet Passive Optical Networks Protocol over Coax
  • 802.3bz (C/LM) IEEE Draft Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Media Access Control Parameters, Physical Layers and Management Parameters for 2.5 Gb/s and 5 Gb/s Operation
  • 802.15.4u (C/LM) IEEE Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Part 15.4: Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (LR-WPANs) Amendment for Use of the 865-867 MHz Band in India
  • 29119-5 (C/S2ESC) ISO/IEC/IEEE Draft International Standard - Software and Systems Engineering - Software Testing - Part 5: Keyword-Driven Testing
  • 11073-10427 (EMB/11073) IEEE Draft Health Informatics - Personal Health Device Communication - Part 10427: Device Specialization - Power Status Monitor of Personal Health Devices
  • 11073-20702 (EMB/11073) IEEE Draft Standard for Medical Devices Communication Profile for Web Services
  • 56 (PE/EM) IEEE Draft Guide for Insulation Maintenance of Electric Machines
  • 1819 (PE/NPE) IEEE Draft Standard for Risk-Informed Categorization and Treatment of Electrical and Electronic Equipment at Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear Facilities
  • C62.42.1 (PE/SPDLV) IEEE Draft Guide for the Application of Surge-Protective Components in Surge Protective Devices and Equipment Ports - Part 1 Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs)
  • C37.20.10 (PE/SWG) IEEE Draft Standard for Definitions for AC (52 kV and Below) and DC (3.2 kV and Below) Switchgear Assemblies
  • C37.42 (PE/SWG) IEEE Draft Standard Specifications for High-Voltage (>1000 V) Fuses and Accessories

Revision Standards

  • 1242 (IAS/PCI) IEEE Draft Guide for Specifying and Selecting Power, Control, and Special-Purpose Cable for Petroleum and Chemical Plants
  • 1662 (IAS/PCI) IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Design and Application of Power Electronics in Electrical Power Systems
  • C37.010 (PE/SWG) IEEE Draft Application Guide for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers > 1000 Vac Rated on a Symmetrical Current Basis
  • C37.41 (PE/SWG) IEEE Draft Standard Design Tests for High-Voltage (>1000 V) Fuses and Accessories
  • 1633 (RS/SC) IEEE Draft Recommended Practice on Software Reliability
  • SI_10 (SASB/SCC14) IEEE/ASTM Draft American National Standard for Metric Practice

Withdrawn Standards

  • 802.17-2011 (C/LM) IEEE Standard for Information Technology Telecommunications and Information Exchange between Systems Local and Metropolitan Area Networks-Specific Requirements Part 17: Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) Access Method and Physical Layer Specifications

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