Innovation Spaces

IEEE-SA helps to foster new and emerging technologies that have real-world applications.

IEEE Standards Association Innovation Spaces

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is a home for new and emerging technologies activities and consensus work. As industry continues to innovate and expand the possibilities of what technology can do for humanity, the IEEE-SA is identifying opportunities to explore rapidly evolving technologies, the need for interoperability and consensus building via an open, transparent, and proven process.

IEEE has focused efforts in the following technology areas:

Internet of Things

Converging technologies and the need for interoperability means standardization.

Augmented Reality

Highly fragmented technology area, ground rules are needed to set the stage growth.


Improving personal health & wellness device communications through consensus building.

Smart Grid

Interoperability & standardization across diverse fields that manage and maintain energy resources.

Cloud Computing

Establishing the standards for remote networking