Augmented Reality

Provides a concise reference point for IEEE Standards related to Augmented Reality (AR)

This project permits a large group of companies and other organizations that have not taken into account the rise of mobile AR in their planning process to explore how they might contribute to and adjust their strategies in order to excel in a just and healthy future wherein everyone will be able to acquire (capture), publish, and receive/combine digital assets in real time and synchronized with their physical world surroundings.

Using the scenario planning approach developed and led by Woody Wade, author of the award-winning Scenario Planning : A Field Guide to the Future and CEO of 11 Changes, a group invited authors and futurists will collaborate in person and remotely on the development of a few of the most likely scenarios for mobile, personalized information capture and delivery with Augmented Reality in the year 2020.

The project's multi-phase approach began with the collaboration of nearly 20 invited experts using the 11 Changes' scenario development methodology. The experts worked together in Barcelona on February 28, 2014 and in London March 4, 2014. The results of the workshops, two sets of four preliminary scenarios for AR in 2020, are provided in a project report.

To be notified by e-mail regarding how you can participate in the process of developing scenarios for AR in 2020 and to download your complimentary copy of the "IEEE Scenarios for AR in 2020" report fill out form below: