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ANSI/IEEE 90003-2008 - IEEE Guide--Adoption of ISO/IEC 90003:2004 Software Engineering--Guidelines for the Application of ISO 9001:2000 to Computer Software

Description: This standard provides guidance to users of IEEE standards as to how to meet the quality management expectations of ISO 9001:2000 clauses and sub-clauses in a software development context by adopting ISO/IEC 90003 (the software development guidance document for ISO 9001) and adding an informative annex to cross-reference IEEE S2ESC standards to relevant ISO 9001 material. This standard is identical to ISO/IEC 90003 but contains an additional informative annex, Annex C, cross-referencing material in ISO 9001 with material in S2ESC standards that could be helpful in meeting the intent of ISO 9001, as well as a second additional annex, Annex D, which is a bibliography of the specific IEEE standards referenced.
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