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771-1989 - IEEE Guide to the Use of the ATLAS Specification

Description: ANSI/IEEE Std 416-1984, ATLAS Test Language, IEEE Std 716-1989, IEEE Standard C/ATLAS Test Language, and ARINC Specification 626-1-1989, Standard ATLAS Subset for Modular Test, define ATLAS, a standardized test language for expressing test specifications and procedures. This guide is supplementary to ANSI/IEEE Std 416-1984, IEEE Std 716-1989, and ARINC Specification 626-1-1989, and is part of the documentation set for the language. The need for a guide to the use of ATLAS arose from the experience of users in the preparation of test procedures in the language. This showed that differences of interpretation existed as to technique and method, if not as to definition. The purpose of this guide is to provide guidance in the matter of technique and usage; it is seen as particularly important in promoting the use of the language envisaged by its originators. This document is not intended as an instruction manual for ATLAS, nor as a substitute for some formal tuition, but by its nature it should find some applicability in the training environment. This issue of ANSI/IEEE Std 771-1989 corresponds with the issue of ANSI/IEEE Std 416-1984, IEEE Std 716-1989 and ARINC Specification 626-1-1989. It is the intention of the IEEE ATLAS Committee that there shall be a continued correspondence between these standards and IEEE Std 771-1989.
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