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48-1975 - IEEE Standard Test Procedures and Requirements for High-Voltage Alternating-Current Cable Terminations

Description: This standard encompasses all (with one exception) terminations for alternating-current high-voltage cables having laminated or extruded insulation: conventional potheads, factory preassembled terminations, hand-wound tape and pennant stress cones, slip-on terminations and stress cones, resistance graded terminations, etc. The only exception is separable insulated connectors. This standard includes radio-influence voltage tests and partial discharge extinction voltage tests. The power frequency voltage 10 s wet withstand tests for terminations rated 345 kV and above have been replaced with wet switching impulse voltage withstand tests. Termination ratings of 92, 196, and 287.5 kV have been deleted in favor of the reduced insulation level ratings used on the more common system voltages of 115, 230 and 345 kV. Requirements have been extended to include the 500 kV class. The continuous current rating has been omitted.
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