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1193-1994 - IEEE Guide for Measurement of Environmental Sensitivities of Standard Frequency Generators

Description: Standard frequency generators that include all atomic frequency standards and precision quartz crystal oscillators are addressed. There are three distinctly different areas of concern for environmental testing and specifications listed as follows: (a) fitness for specific user needs and actual environments (test attempt to mimic the anticipated environments); (b) characterization of the unit (tests attempt to provide 'pure' coefficients for the various environments); (c) reliability and survival (tests attempt to stress the unit by either going to extremes of operating ranges or by repeated application of stimuli, e.g., cycling). This document puts emphasis on (b) above. It provides guidance and a conceptual framework rather than a prescription of procedures that must be followed. It emphasizes proper methodology and practice; it cautions against pitfalls. It also is concerned with economic issues, i.e., the potential resource requirements and their minimization in test and measurement. In summary, this IEEE guide is not a specification document, but rather a resource document for deriving specification statements
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